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I'm never going to use to that cursed site again. I will no longer acknowledge r/Shadowrun or any of the Shadowrun-related subreddits. My entire Instagram Discovery feed is already cats, so I'm not going to miss anything.

I encourage everyone else to do the same. I know you won't, but I cannot in good conscience not say so.


I don't have a problem with the r/Shadowrun site. It's just collateral damage to the fact that the site as a whole is a festering boil of trolls, extremists, and straight-up criminal scum that spez and its owners and managers gladly profit off of. Much like how Twitter is a disgusting shit heap of cretins, shit weasels, and Nazis that the founders, managers, and owners support in principle if not in fact.

Are there people there that bother you? There is definitely one particular mod that I feel does a lot of harm to the community.

If I may ask, what in particular sparked the outcry?

Personally, I feel that reddit tries to pass itself off as a forum of sorts, but the format of post/comments/subcomments/etc. cause actual discussions to be either inconvenient or entirely missed. So while I look at the reddit occasionally, I just can't bring myself to use it consistently.

Yeah what happened?

I'd suspect some drama about the perceived quality of the Authors fictional SR Characters.
/edit: Misread the Op, he talked about reddit in general.
Nvm then


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