Campaign: Season of Blood!

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So this campaign I cooked up involves a twisted and very smart organ legger known as Dr. Zed. So it turns out the runners during there last run got rid of one of his suppliers and Zed is looking for someone to pick up the slack. When Zed wants to meet with the runners and only two of them he has his sniper tranquilize them during the meet. What Zed does is implant them with micro bombs in their skulls and tells them they either do this job for him or they die and they can't tell the rest of there buddies about what they're supposed to do or what happened to them. Now Zed has a general run for them and that to do some work for a guy named Donny Delm (a money launder for Zed). Now what he wants is for the runners to be the new security for a fighter he's sponsoring in a underground gladiator fight club known as Vochten tot de dood! Dutch for fight to the death. His last team was taken out but he doesn't know who did it or at least not yet. Also it happens to also be the Season of Blood at Vochten and that's when it's 40 fighters compared to the typical 15 fighter season. These runners come in at the half way point of the Season of Blood (20 fighters left). This is where the twisted part of Dr. Zed comes in. The two he implanted with micro bombs need to get the bodies of the dead gladiators and get them back to him so he can chop them up and get some good nuyen off them.

So general info for you guys:

Donny Delm:

Name: Donny Delm

Age: 43

Metatype: Human

Occupation: Manager of West Coast Operations of Delm Shipping

Info: Donny Delm is one of those people that work their asses off every day to get what he wants. He spares no expense either when it comes to what he wants or needs. This is what led to him managing the West Coast part of his fatherís company, Delm Shipping.  Heís been known as a womanizer and itís landed him in hot water in the past but heís cleaned up his act or thatís what he tells the media. Currently him and his other siblings are having a feud about whoís going to run the company when their father passes away but itís been kept away from prying eyes but Sauder Krupp knows all about it and is keeping Jeffís kids on a short leash.

Now for the stuff no one knows about Donny Delm expect a few people. Donny has been sponsoring a fighter in a famous underground gladiator fight club known as the Vechten tot de dood! Or Vechten for short. His fighter has been projected to make it to the last rounds of the Vechtenís famous Season of Blood.

Delm Shipping: Owned by Jeff Delm and co-run with his 2 sons, Donny, and George, and his daughter, Annabel. Delm Shipping does air and land shipping across North America and could be considered the Fedex of times past. Delm Shipping is a subsidiary of Saeder Krupp.

Vechten tot de dood!: Dutch for fight to the death. No one really knows when Vechten took off but many speculate it happened around 2057 in New York. Vechten then disappeared for about 10 years and then resurfaced in Seattle. No one knows why they moved to the other part of North America and no one knew it was going to spring its launch in the Ork Underground in 2067. Vechten has been the hot shit for the last 4 years now and is still going strong. Vechten is a gladiator fight club and every fight is to the death and there are no expiations. Thereís around 20 fighters entered at the beginning of each season however during the season of blood thereís 40 fighters. Every fighter is sponsored and these sponsors can be anyone but many are well known but not all. Now the rules are simple for Vechten and thatís kill or be killed. That just doesnít include fighting in the butchers ring but out of the ring killings count to. Most gladiators have security teams provided by their sponsors.

No one knows who operates it but Vechten does keep a large security force on standby and on guard during matches. The security force is known as the Wacht. Brutal in their methods and highly affiant in combat. Theyíre like the SS of WWII stuck doing guard duty.

So what's you guys thoughts? Oh and if my dates or something doesn't make sense just tell me!
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