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This is because Genesis currently reflects the German rules (as we are German native speakers). And in German rules, control rig is only rating x 30k, not rating^2 x 30k.
We had assumed the German rules are 100% US rules, just translated and we learn now and then that this is not the case.

We have "let the customer choose if he wants to use US or DE rules" on our task list.

Seems I forgot to hit "Send" on my response

--- Quote from: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on ---I know the Genesis guy peeks in to the forum here now and again, but not sure how often.  I'll see if I can get his attention.

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Mission accomplished, SSDR :)

--- Quote from: Lethrendis on ---I have a little question. In CBR, the price of the control rig is set as the square of Rating x 30,000. In Genesis, it is only Rating x 30,000. What's right?

--- End quote ---

This is indeed one of a (fortunately) very few items where the german and the international gear information do not match.
As Robert already noted, the german publisher made an intentional change here and since most of our users are (at the moment at least) german players and we are working closely with the german publisher, Genesis reflects the german price list here at the moment.

But there is a workaround: After adding the Control Rig for the (wrong, with regard to the CRB) price, open it in the edit dialog and increase the amount to match the rating. This way you pay the correct price.
I know this is ugly and having language specific versions of the same piece of gear is on our ToDo-List, but that is all I can offer at the moment.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
You do amazing work! I just wish your l labor of love didn't have to factor in such edition discrepancies.

Reviving this thread for what it was intended: release notes.

Plugin Version 1.4.4

Just made available in Genesis-Staging  (meaning: its Beta and will become stable, if no new bugs are introduced in this version)

New Feature

    [SR6-575] - Support "Collapsing Now" (Adept Power and Gear)


    [SR6-510] - Don't apply modifications from multiple items with vision magnification
    [SR6-556] - Remove strength requirement from bows to enable ki-adept use
    [SR6-567] - Add edgebonus info to voice_modulator
    [SR6-573] - Ignored Martial Arts when checking if there are too many Nuyen left to finish chargen
    [SR6-576] - Add escaping specialization to athletics
    [SR6-577] - Item Updates (hazmat and rigger control)
    [SR6-580] - PDF: Attack Rating on weapons embedded in other items is way too high if char has vision magnification


    [SR6-490] - On PDF sort "ammunition" by subtypes (ammunition, rockets, missiles, explosives, grenades)

Oops, I forgot to post the 1.5.x release (containing "Street Wyrd") here. Sorry

I just released 1.6.0
Details here


* SR6-644 Correct attack rating of throwing stars
* SR6-643 Adept: Metamagic - Power Points adding too many
* SR6-642 Add levels to berserk power
* SR6-641 Separate precision strike into variants per weapon category
* SR6-638 Correct body of Seahawk
* SR6-637 Correct category for Rolling Clouds
* SR6-636 Make Tutorsofts visible
* SR6-632 Correct class for Desert Strike and PJSS Model 75
* SR6-422 Show Rigger Software on Rigger Page
* SR6-367 Autosoft "stealth\_auto" is not correctly considered for drones on PDF rigger pageTask

* SR6-635 Implement special rules for "Power Plays" qualitiesImprovement

* SR6-646 Add content from Datapuls Marienbad
* SR6-645 Add content from Schattenload 2021-04 Polizei
* SR6-634 Qualities from "Power Plays


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