Need help with Brainscan Soundtrack

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« on: <11-01-13/2202:07> »
So as the title of the topic plainly explains, Im preparing to run the old Brainscan campaign from 3rd ed SR and Im working on a soundtrack for it.
Sofar most of my soundtrack consists of things from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dredd, Ghost in the Shell (Series and movie) and Hackers soundtrack so
things that work with those movies/games would be great, although its not a requirement.

Although I am grateful for tips in general for songs/scores for specific places/characters/events in the campaign, here are the specific things I am looking for and
have problems with and the reason Im asking around on the forums.

1: Music that fits the Salish Sidhe and the NAN well. Specificly ive been looking for some kind of mix between techno/electronica and native american music that
is good for background and isnt a rave dance song or just terrible.

2: A sound for New Orleans in the Shadowrun universe. Although I have some good music for the deep south and New Orleans more specificly from Vampire and
other games what Im looking for is something that is a mix between the old south and the sixth world of Shadowrun.

3: A really good and sinister track for Deus that can be run in the background. There are some points in the chronicle when Deus is near or watching the players without
being directly present and I would like to add a song as a theme for Deus that can be played at those points to add a extra sense of dread and being watched to the players.
Ive got some ideas, but the tracks Ive got sofar are from soundtracks I will be using alot so dont stand out enough from the rest and the players should feel each time they
hear it that this is something different.

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