"So you wana dance with the devil.

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a very angery werefox

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well this happened a few months back. the players all got jobs an such. this game got out hand cuss one player talked the other 4 into screwing the job an riping off a jonhson who shockingly worked for sedder krrupa. who 2 days befor the run annuced to the world that in a medical breakthour wold be offering transgenic teartment that culd change a humen to fully functly anthrpomorps. affter the riping off the jonhson shockingly sedder krrupa sayed do to unforseen events they culd not offer such a treatment at this time an lost face and stocks droped. then then the players knew who they screwd.  the kill team shuda bin seen comeing. im still shocked by them beating the jonhson. i a million years never had that card played.


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Okay, that offers a bit more insight into what happened. The original message sounded a touch vindictive, but this gives a bit more background into the reasoning.

While I would still echo the caution that others posted about above, this really sounds like a good time for the players to recognize their runners may want to seek retirement. The good and bad thing about Shadowrun is that it is a quasi-realistic system, where if you screw something up(especially intentionally, as in this case), then the world in general is going to be looking for someone to blame.

I'm hesitant to say the players deserved what they got, because this is still a messy situation. But it is an example of when a team gets a God complex. And SK, being the world's most powerful megacorp, would likely have every right to go after them, considering this event caused a very-profitable new product to have to be cancelled.

I still say it's good to try and remain impartial as a player or GM, and conduct things in-game, but with that said, if it were me I would have had SK issue orders to go after their relatives, their contacts, basically anyone associated with them. One of the best ways to screw with runners who think they're untouchable is to cut them off from EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Then, when they're strung out and feeling powerless, hit them with that response team. Note that this isn't a punishment as a GM, this is something I fully see Lofwyr or his underlings doing. Because dragons tend to not be very forgiving.

Anyway, that's my perspective again. All in all, the other way is to speak to the players and try to establish to them that this ISN'T Dungeons and Dragons, and all actions have consequences.
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Social contract.

Group Rules and Boundaries (SR5 333)
Final Thoughts (SR5 334)
The Dungeon Master Experience: Joy and Sorrow (
The Dungeon Master Experience: Intervention (

Plus Wheaton's Law.