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I'm looking to run a Shadowrun campaign as soon as I get the people, and one of the more intriguing ideas I've had so far is a Run based on the different classes from Team Fortress 2. For this thread, I'm assuming that everyone I recruit will be cool with the idea, since otherwise I'll have to change it no matter what. The idea is that I adapt the classes to a role in the run, and let each character choose their class. I'll try and keep the team balanced and make sure not everyone chooses Spy, but I'll let each player have as much control as possible so long as the character is somewhat comparable to the game's class. An elf Heavy with Body 2 probably won't work, and the Spy should have at least a chameleon suit.  I'm looking for any critiques on the idea, and a few places where I've not thought it out so much.

1: What should the character guidelines be? Should my Sniper be forced to put points in Longarms? Should I allow more than one of each class? Should I require the Heavy to play a troll because that 'just makes sense'?

2: Should I give the characters a 'starter pack' of guns and items that correspond to the default in-game loadouts, or leave that up to the players and their decisions on how to allocate their points?

3: How many BP should I allow for character creation (or should I use BP at all?)

4: Should the enemies also be TF2 classes and characters? If so, how obvious should I make it?

5: Is there a reasonable facsimile for rocket jumping within Shadowrun?

6: What do I need to know about Australia, since I don't really know what happens to it in the Sixth World?

7: What should I do with the Engineer, other than make him a rigger with a shotgun?

8: What would be some good names/handles for characters of each class?

9: Where should hackers fit in? Should I suggest that someone who picks Engie or Spy write up as a decker/technomancer, or suggest that if someone wants to play a hacker? Should I just avoid situations that require a hacker?

I also appreciate anything else you suggest I take into account, I'll be putting a lot more thought into the idea as time goes on.