6E - potential change in next printing on spell stats

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« on: <11-14-19/1230:49> »
This is such a minor point but the "Change Blindness" thread is now buried and I don't know where else to express it.

The use of the abbreviation "DV" in the spell descriptions is not great.  I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why spells listed a damage value before I realized in this instance DV is drain value.  I feel like the word "Drain" would have been better in that section on those little tables.

As I said, very minor point.  The rules do explain themselves, its just I feel acronym "collisions" should be avoided wherever possible.

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« Reply #1 on: <11-14-19/1506:21> »
The worst part is they had it in the past and never managed to change it. ;_; Fortunately they managed to mooostly avoid it with AR, though they really should have done something about DR.
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