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Fantastic Non-SR Shadowrunesque Art Thread

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Ok gang, lets see some good Shadowrun-esque artwork. Remember to keep it work safe, so you don't break the Terms of Service, and whenever possible post up a source.

I'll kick us off:

From adonihs on Deviant Art

this is a kickass Shadowrun Rocker right here. :)

Damn you Bull.  I don't want to go through 30-pages of favorites I have on dA, AGAIN, and that's just my Cyberpunk stuff!

EDIT:  Bull, heads up, as one friend of mine (The creator of Dr. McCoy the Dwarf Gorilla climbing the Empire State Building and the Blimp Bus) put it when I showed him this thread to keep track of, "Sweet mercy!   Now there's a guitar hero."  :P

*Sighs*  Fine.  I outright admitted to the Artist (Tartanninja on Deviant Art) that I was going to use this in a Shadowrun game.  I think I just might use this for the demo I'm doing next month.

What say you folks?

EDIT:  Found his updated version, which is much, much scarier!

Yes, I'm bored.

From ChronoSFX on Deviant Art

Warning:  Rest of gallery includes some items NSFW (Turn your poor virgin eyes towards naked blades instead of naked bodies!).  This, however, is completely within the ToS.  ;D

ShikakuSuika on DeviantArt


The Yamaha Tesseract. I can see this being popular with elvish go gangs.

Tomahawk, a real troll's motorcycle (that is a V-10, 500hp motor taken from the Dodge Viper). 0-60 in 2.5 sec.

BMW Concept 6. A good looking all around runner's bike.


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