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Dicepoll guidelines and ratings in 6e


So, I am trying to create guidelines like the skills levels we have in the core book (page 98) for attributes and the total dice poll
The attribute levels would be more related to RP and the dice polls would be more practical and to guide the players how much theirs primary, secondary and background skills should have.

Attribute of 6 in your thing, Skill of 6 in your thing, Specialization in your favorite part of your thing.  12 to 14 dice before Cyberware and/or any Magics (Foci, Adept powers, Sustained spells, whatever).

15 Dice plus specialization is easy to hit for your thing.

10 to 12 Dice in things directly related to your thing.

6 to 8 Dice in the things Shadowrunners are expected to be competent at, but are not at all mechanically linked to your thing.  Or be able to fake them somehow (Spirit powers, Gear, whatever)

Also, have a fake SIN, a vehicle, and a Lifestyle, or some way of faking them.  (SINner quality, being able to fly, whatever.)

Edit: Presuming you mean Player Character.  NPCs have whatever dice pools the GM wants them to have.

What are things shadowrunners are expected to be good at? Combat, perception and basic social skills?

Don't forget sneaking!!


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