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Anarchy or Anarchy-Compatible SR5e Books?


Hey folks, I dipped my toes back into Shadowrun a couple years ago when I got the Returns trilogy of games on steam but my enthusiasm didn't last very long.  With the upcoming release of another certain cyberpunk genre game, I've found my interest rekindled and decided to check in again on what's been going on with Shadowrun.  I saw that a Chicago Chaos book came out for the system but I wasn't sure what that added to the system options/mechanics-wise.  I know it's a rules-lite system obviously but was curious nonetheless.  Were any other titles released for that system?  Has Catalyst corrected the mistakes in the original release either in the official PDF or reprints of the physical copies?  The reviews I read were not kind in that regard and it was one of the reasons I that weighed heavily in my decision not to buy into the game. 

I saw the recent thread apparently of an upcoming 2050's book for the system that interests me (I think SR would work better as a retrofuturist cyberpunk RPG at this point).  I have * ZERO * experience with narrative systems though and would likely be running it more as a melding between a traditional simulationist game with a proper GM but with some narrative elements added in as player options.

It's just the core Anarchy book and Chicago Chaos at this point. I can't speak to Chicago Chaos because it's one of the few Shadowrun books I don't have (yet).

There weren't any corrects or errata for the core Anarchy book, to my knowledge. There are some contradictions in the book but for me the bigger issue is gaps, things that weren't explained. I didn't pay close attention to the reviews so I don't know what they complained about. Things are playable as-is, and Gingivitis has added a lot of resources on his website (

I've played Anarchy in a more traditional setup of having the GM be fairly central but leaving the players room to narrate and flex. It works perfectly fine that way. Some players aren't comfortable with too much agency and have to be slowly let off the leash before they realize the possibilities and the potential of a narrative system. Not everyone gets there. If it doesn't work for your group, don't sweat it. Play it your way.

Thanks.  The reviews generally lumped in the missing or unclear rules along with the other mistakes.  It's disappointing that in so many years they haven't gotten around to addressing those issues but I can't say I'm surprised though.  :(

In doing a bit of legwork for this question, I recently found out that some mainline SR books had Anarchy compatible components/rules like the Complete Trog book.  Does anyone know other 5e SR books that supported Anarchy on the side as well?


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