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I am over tentacles...

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I got it^^

But, while cosmically powerful baddies may not care about human opposition too much, it's hard to turn down a new universe of "soul food"^^  And when you require human help in order to manifest in this new smorgasbord, you get the cults and whatnot, all eager to throw their lives away for the promise of more power.

That's true, but that's not Lovecraftian.  Those guys supposedly don't care about humanity.  The horoi, OTOH, wanna devour everything.  I mean everything.  Humans are just tastier treats.  That is NOT ignoring or not caring about humanity, and definately outside of the Ctholoid mythos.

EDIT:  Need a spellchecker. :(

Often the danger comes from people who are interested in them, not the other way around. While they arent interested in us they are powerful enough that they could blink wrong and destroy Seattle. Obviously this sort of power would interest a Megacorp.

Mostly as a target for pre-emptive strikes.  Cause humans only worship it if they can't kill it, first.

I have read some good fiction to the opposite. Remember insanity was a focus of Lovecraft aswell.

I know it makes for a terrible villain, but some people just want to watch the world burn.


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