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Hey guys, I'm new to Shadowrun, years ago I had bought a SR4 rulebook but was overwhelmed by the rules, but now we have the Anarchy ruleset, which seems even a bit too rules light to me but, you can easily port some of them form SR5 and here, you've posted some neat houesrules. But I'm getting to the point...

In some cases one can test just an attribute only like STR+STR or AGI+AGI. So basically it's an equivalent to the skill on the same level, and using the standard difficulty table does not it seems just too easy? When you have like (2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5, etc.) as a fresh runner.. How would you handle this (issue)?

 I'd  try to use the most suitable skill like athletics rather than roll just 2x attribute.


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« Reply #1 on: <02-05-17/1450:07> »
If there is a skill that is suitable, then definitely go with the skill test. 

There are some tests that are not about skill though.  Like pushing a city bus is a function of strength; it doesn't matter how agile you are or how good at running, jumping, and climbing trees you are.  If you don't have the muscle mass to push the city bus, the city bus is not getting pushed.

If the players are having too easy or too hard of a time succeeding on attribute tests, it might mean that the difficulty setting  needed to be adjusted or that some modifiers should apply.  Lets say pushing a thing is set at Average ( 8 ).  If it is also slippery, apply a -1 or -2.  If it has handles and wheels, apply a +1 or +2. etc.
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