So how do we stat the monowhip?

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« on: <11-02-16/1736:59> »
It's an iconic SR weapon and it's missing!  The joy of Anarchy is that we can stat it ourselves - at least in theory!

So here are my thoughts:

Use the stun weapons as a base damage of 7, but P rather than S, and then add two ranks of +1 Damage to give an amp level 3 and 9 damage

(Amp Level 3): Weapon. Damage 9P Range OK*, - , - , *Player(s) damaged as well at GM discretion

Or perhaps 8P/AA would be better?  Yes, I know it says only spells can be AA so this might be over the top?!?  But there's the risk of it turning on you too!
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« Reply #1 on: <11-02-16/2059:12> »
I like 7-8P/AA. The monowhip has a ton of AP. AA is pretty balanced because it just bypasses armor with net hits; they don't increase damage.  Which means if you have gotten past all the target's armor already or it didn't have much, AA doesn't do much.

Maybe the weapon forces a Glitch die every time used to represent it's danger?
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« Reply #2 on: <11-03-16/1409:16> »
2 point Amp, Monowhip 7 P / AA.  Basically a Stun Baton with AA and physical damage.  1 point for "Monowhip" one more point for AA. 
Option: 1 point Fingertip compartment; 0.5 Essence, +2 dice to resist weapon scans, and Narrative bonus imperceptible to all but the most thorough of physical searches.   
Option: 1 point - Wireless Bonus, Add a Glitch dice without spending a plot Point. 
Option: Reach ; 1 point per +1 Die on attack rolls.

I would definitely make it an Amp and not a standard weapon choice.