Let's show off some characters...

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Female Troll Tank            
Strength   9         
Agility   5         
Willpower   3         
Logic   3         
Charisma   3         
Edge   6         
Essence   4   -1 Magic Test and Rolls to heal this character.      
Phys CM   13         
Stun CM   10         
Projectile Weapons   1         
Firearms   5 spec-Rifles            
Stealth   1         
Piloting (Ground)   1         
Intimidation   1         
Knowledge-Vory v Zakone         
*Shadow Amps*            
More Where That Came From (Amp Level 1):            
Reaction Enhancers, +1 Plot Point at beginning of combat. (Amp Level 2) -1ESS            
Cybereyes 1, Ignore vision modifiers, may reroll 1 die on ranged attacks. (Amp Level 2) -1 ESS            
Hawkeye: +2 dice for Perception tests.            
Toughness: All damage taken is reduced by 1.            
SINner, Corporate (Ares)            
Body Armor AV 15   (12 armor plus 3 racial)         
Ares Desert Strike
Ares Alpha
Stun Grenades    
Frag, Grenades    
Unarmed 5S            
Vehicle: Bulldog Step Van A12, D16            
Fake SIN            
Smoke Grenades            
Metal Restraints            
Remington Martin, Private Investigator            
JoJo Banks, Junkyard Owner (and secret Arms Dealer)            
Chunky Salsa coming right up.            
Discipline, people!            
Don’t worry- I’ve got your six.            
I like my men homely. The uglier, the better.            
Never leave a man behind.            
Target acquired.            
Who came up with this brilliant plan?            
You say ‘Trog’ like it’s a bad thing.            


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« Reply #16 on: <10-15-16/0737:54> »
Natasha”Tasha” Kereneski   
Face Female Elf
Dispositions: Why do for yourself what you can get others to do for you.
When the chips are really down, she'll never let a friend down.   
Strength   3
Agility   7
Willpower   3
Logic   2
Charisma   8
Edge   4
Essence   6
Phys CM   10
Stun CM   10
Firearms   2 (Spec-Pistols)
Stealth   2   
Con   3
Disguise   2
Negotiation   2
Knowledge: Sperethiel
*Shadow Amps*   
Tailored pheromones (Amp Level 3): Bioware. Reroll 1 die on all in-person Charisma-related tests. -0.5 ESS   
I Know Everybody (Amp Level 2): Gain (Cha rating) contacts   
Team Player (Amp Level 2): You may freely gift your edge or plot points to other players.   

Catlike +2 Dice Stealth Tests   
Silver Tongue +2 Dice CHARISMA based tests.   
Distinctive Style: Always seen wearing shades of lavender. Opposition +2 Dice on Perception Tests to remember you.   
Second Skin under Nightshade Dress AV 9   
Tiffani Elegance Shooting Bracers 5P   Close Ok Near -4 Far -
Stun Gloves 7S  Close Ok Near - Far -
Nightshade Dress(Wireless Feature-Illuminating)   
Fake SIN   
Fairlight Caliban Commlink   
Eurocar Westwind (A9 D10)   
Arms Dealer-Yuri Orlov,Human Male   
City Official\Novacoke Addict- Renaldo Figueroa, Male, Human   
Company Suit- Tara Humphrey, Human, Ares   
Executive Driver\Transporter- Jason Martin, Human Male   
ID Manufacturer- Enigma, ?, Online meets only & deliveries by courier.   
Knight Errant Dispatcher- Geezer, Dwarf, Male   
Mafia Consigliere- Finnegan, Human, Male   
Safehouse Master- Hugh McGlothin, Dwarf, Male   
Street Doc- Mercy Mae, Human, Female   
T-Bird Rigger- Naomi “Ray” Amuro, Human, Female            
You’re not seriously asking me to go down there?   
I know someone who knows someone that will buy it from us.   
Let me see who I might call to get help on this.   
It’s not my fault everything I say is smother than cream cheese on a bagel.   
If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, there’s still hope you can make something out of you.   
I’m not that kind of girl.   
I intend to live forever, or die trying.   
The truth is a precious commodity. That’s why I use it so sparingly.   
A man drove me to drink and I didn’t even have the decency to thank him.   
Honey, if you wouldn’t mind, please, could you...   


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« Reply #17 on: <10-15-16/1412:17> »
Orc Gun-Kata Bodyguard.  The mechanic here is to "Take the hit" for 0 Plot points thanks to Dog Mentor Spirit and then "Best Served Cold..." with the plot points from Enhanced Reflexes, or play.  And he should hit hard enough to hurt, and be tough enough to take several hits for the team.  Unfortunately he wound up a little more combat focused than I'd like.  Great for Pink Mohawk game though.   

Orc   Adept   Body Guard   Gun-Kata!         
Strength   8
Agility   6
Willpower  2
Logic   5
Charisma    2
Edge   3
Essence  6

Not everyone deserves the benifit of the doubt                  
Always counter punch                  
You don't need to be hungary to eat                  
Firearms    (Pistols)   2 (4)
Close Combat   4
Tracking  4
Security Systems   k   
4   Enhanced Reflexes 3               
4   Agility Boost +3 Dice with Agility               
Get Down!      I'm smarter than I look            
Incoming!      You are an idiot and should stop talking            
I can take 'em all      Of course I know where he is            
Just keep going, I'll catch up      You gonna finish that?            
Protect the Primary                  
Savalete Guardian                  
Armor    12               
Survival Kit
Nixdorf Secratar                  
Fake SIN                  
Harley Scorpion   
Mentor Spirit Dog; +1 Survival and "Take the Hit" costs no plot points.                  
Code Block -2 to hacking                  


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« Reply #18 on: <10-16-16/1253:20> »
Alias:      Navigator
Name:     Lee Scoresby

Tag I   Human
Tag II   Ares Born
Tag III   Pilot-Navigator
Tag IV   Noir Culture
Tag V   Professional

Disposition I   Laughing in the face of adversity.
Disposition II   Playing it smooth and unflappable.
Disposition III   Get what you pay for, reap what you sow.
Disposition IV   Second-best just isn't good enough.

Cue I   I said Pilot-Navigator. I'm not some amateur playing with drones.
Cue II   Ballooning is...sorry, did I say something amusing, deadweight?
Cue III   Scotch on the rocks for me…and whatever takes the lady's fancy.
Cue IV   Well I dance a mean Charleston if I do say so myself, mon cher.
Cue V   You ever sky-dived without a parachute? Trust me, it's to die for.
Cue VI   Put up your irons, kid and maybe you don’t have to die today.
Cue VII   *click* Don't confuse professionalism with "corp loyalty", kid.
Cue VIII   Let me guess, sir. Uncle Ares would like another little favour?
Cue IX   Sounds an interesting diversion, if you can afford my services.
Cue X   Everything I own today I earned in the Shadows. Every. Last. Thing.

Contact I   Iorek "Panserbjorn" (Armourer)
Contact II   Hester "Lagomuffin" (Deckmistress) - Handles drones as a sideline, in case anyone was wondering.
Gear I   Ares Roadmaster
Gear II   Ares Skyskimmer (Aeroquip Dustoff)
Gear III   Ares Waverunner (Aztec Nightrunner)
Gear IV   Survival Kit
Weapon, Melee   Ares Survivor (Survival Knife)
Weapon, Ranged   Ares Predator (Heavy Pistol)
Armour                 Armanté Noir (Business Suit)

Strength:       3
Agility:           6
Willpower:      3
Logic:            6
Charisma:      3
Edge:            3

Essence:   3.0   Healing Tests -2
Stun:           10
Physical:   10   

Athletics:             2
Pilot Ground:       4
Pilot Other:          4
Survival:             2
Vehicle Weapons:   2
Noir Culture:      Knowledge

Quality, Positive I   Gearhead
Quality, Positive II   Outdoorsman (Survival +2)
Quality, Negative   SINner, Corporate - Ares
Amp Expenditure:      
1AMP   Increase Edge to 3:   
2AMP   Ares "Meteorites":      
Gun Drones, gain +1 attack/move with Gun Drones      
1AMP   Ares "Panoptites":      
Spy Drones      
2AMP   Reaction Enhancers:      
Essence -1, gain 1 plot point at the start of combat      
1AMP   Truesight Cybereyes:      
Essence -1, ignore vision modifiers      
3AMP   Vulcan Liegelord:
Essence -1, Implanted RCC, NO VR RIGGING BONUS, gain 2 dice on vehicle actions (See Shade's Custom Control Rig on Pg 121 for comparison)
0AMP   Ares "RAVAGE Mk V":                 *For future reference*
Melee Drone Prototype, still being refurbished. What can I say? I want a robo-lynx rather than Duelists.      
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« Reply #19 on: <10-19-16/0839:36> »
A couple I've been working up (who used to be a couple!):  Ghoul enforcer (using orc stats)  Street decker and adept

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« Reply #20 on: <10-20-16/0846:18> »
Name:   Beatriz Luz de la Rosa
Alias:   Amaranta
Tag I   Elf
Tag II   Nahualli
Tag III   Loreseeker
Tag IV   Passionate
Tag V   Talented
Disposition I   The best treasures can be shared.
Disposition II   Violence just complicates things.
Disposition III   Incurable thirst for knowledge.
Disposition IV   Awakened, be thou for the people.
Cue I   Just imagine what secrets it can share with us.
Cue II   One day I'll find the lost Library of Alexandria.
Cue III   No-one heard Snake's gentle hiss for peace.
Cue IV   It's way more scared of you than you are of it.
Cue V   Don't touch anything like that. Or that. Or that.
Cue VI   Pfft, this "curse" isn't even written accurately.
Cue VII   "Hermana, you loco." Who's laughing now, eh?
Cue VIII   "Those who fail to learn from history..."
Cue IX   When I said use your head, I meant to think.
Cue X   I know! It's almost like they didn't want us here.

Contact I   Masque (Adept Paisa)
Contact II   Prof. Jones (Talismonger)
Gear I   Archaeology Tools
Gear II   Rugged Commlink
Gear III   Survival Kit
Gear IV   Toyota Gopher
Weapon, Melee    Quarterstaff
Weapon, Ranged   Grapple Gun (Crossbow)
Armour   Lined Coat

Rating   Attributes   
3   Strength
4   Agility
6   Willpower
6   Logic
4   Charisma
2   Edge

Rating   Skill
4   Astral Combat
4   Athletics
4   Conjuring
0   Slot IV
0   Slot V
K   Arcane Lore
K   Linguistics
K   World History

Quality, Positive I   Mentor Spirit - Snake (Gain 2 free Knowledge Skills)
Quality, Positive II   Spirit Whisperer
Quality, Negative   Combat Paralysis

Rating   Amps   Description
1   Edge Bonus   
2   Special Costs   Awakened
2   Jack of all Trades   Reroll 1 failed die when using untrained skills.
1   Nahualli's Staff    Weapon Focus
2   Spirit Champion   Spirits will follow teammates' orders, if asked.
2   Summoner Crest   Visible tattooing. May summon an additional Spirit.
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« Reply #21 on: <11-02-16/1726:58> »
Here's my attempt at an Anarchy Dronomancer!  Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated!

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« Reply #22 on: <11-02-16/2325:05> »
@Aria, I like the drone mesh amp.  I think you might consider the +1 for being VR.

The sprite whisperer is good too.

I think you can only start with one skill specialty though.  Maybe just bump drone weapons.
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« Reply #23 on: <11-03-16/0621:46> »
@Aria, I like the drone mesh amp.  I think you might consider the +1 for being VR.

The sprite whisperer is good too.

I think you can only start with one skill specialty though.  Maybe just bump drone weapons.
Thanks for the spot on speciality, will need to tweak my char gen file :P
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« Reply #24 on: <11-04-16/1315:50> »
Here's a troll invisible adept...not sure I'd have thought to do one in SR5  ::)

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« Reply #25 on: <11-08-16/1539:08> »
This is most likely broken as most of it is custom ideas and I as stated I'm about to finish my break and was unable to finish some things like dispositions, cues, gear, balancing, etc.

Inspector Cyber

Street Level
Tags: Private Detective, Oblivious, Accident Prone, Good Heart
Metatype: Human


-Justice Is a 24/7 job
-No one gets away from Inspector Cyber!

-Close Combat 3
-Crime Organizations(K)
-Tracking 3
-Piloting (Ground) 2
-Firearms 3

-Custom Cyber Suite 8 (-5 Ess)
Cyber arms and legs with Implanted tools/weapons. When using Amp, declare gear/weapon you want to use, roll a Glitch die. Exploit=Declared Gear, Regular Roll=Similar/Less effective Gear, Glitch=Harmful(Non declared gear is random and GM Discretion)

-More Where That Came From(Custom) 2
   Additional 5 Items(To fit the implanted gear)

-Go Go Cyber ...
-I'm on the case
-This could only be the work of (Crime Organization)
-He/She must be an Agent of (Crime Organization)

Lucky - +1 Edge
Biocombatibility - Ignore 1 point of shadow amp essence cost

Accident Prone - When rolling a glitch die count 1 and 2

-Implanted Sword
-Implanted Heavy Pistol

Lined Coat

Commlink, Implanted tool kit, Ford Americar, handcuffs, a net,

#PrettyPenny - (Niece) Decker
The Chief - Dwarf Fixer
I like my Runners like I like my Coffee. Dark, Bitter, and preferably keeping me awake.


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« Reply #26 on: <11-16-16/0847:23> »
Another adept, this time a little different...based on an SR4 X-23esque adept I made a long time ago!

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« Reply #27 on: <11-16-16/1238:10> »
Oh and another one... Prime Runner this time (seems a little under skilled but those are the rules...)


Think I got the Move-by-wire right...basically add the two amps together but use a single slot?!?
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« Reply #28 on: <11-16-16/1324:16> »
Some really nice builds going on in here. Must get round to adding some myself.

@Aria. I also really like you character generator but have noticed that it doesn't seem to have the space for the knowledge skill. Is this deliberate, as I notice you don't seem to use them in your builds, or an oversight?
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« Reply #29 on: <11-16-16/1422:17> »
Not precisely an oversight, I prefer keeping knowledge skills as being whatever you think your character would know, having just one is silly! Just my opinion, easy enough for people to list a skill!
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