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I have a SINner PC and we want to know if there's any way to get actual licences for some of his gear.  The book presents rules for fake licences keyed to a fake SIN, but none for legitimate ones that I could find.

My current inclination is to charge 300 for a legal licence tied to a legal SIN.  What do other people think?  Should I even bother and just assume the SIN comes with the licences the character needs what with it being a 5BP negative quality?

Walks Through Walls:
Unless your SIN has a legal and legitimate reason to have a license it would have to be a fake license hooked to your real SIN. The major drawback to this is if your license gets burned it will flag your real SIN and Johnny law or Corp goons will come looking for you.

This is one of the good things about a fake SIN is if it gets burnt you toss it mutter appropriate oaths and move on. Hopefully one step before johnny law or goons showing up on your doorstep.

If your SIN is the criminal type then when I GM getting a legal license for forbidden and even a lot of restricted stuff is impossible. You're a felon and lost those rights

I charge em 100 if they want a real license because really it's the same as registering a gun these days. Only problem is that anything licensed is also tracked by law enforcement. Use that nifty legal handgun in a crime(eg shadowrun) and guess what uniformed individuals will be knockin at your door.

Walks Through Walls:
Also to legally license most cyberware  the RFID tag would have to be intact and functional. Again if it's seen at the scene they are going to come knocking to ask the tough questions.

Though this does add a whole new dimension to the more stealth is better school of thought

I usually prefer to buy fake licenses linked to a fake SIN, it's much less complicated to deal with in case you need to throw it away.


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