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It's not a Flamewar just yet.
And if you want to know, there's about 2 dozend threads that lead up to it around the webs.


--- Quote from: Wordhawk on ---
--- Quote from: Ancient History on ---For everybody who doesn't know me, I'm Bobby Derie and I used to write for Shadowrun. Several months back I terminated all my contracts with Catalyst Game Labs, the current license holders of Shadowrun, and withdrew all of my drafts for upcoming products.

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Mind if I ask why? If you do mind, no worries, but I'm curious since that seems like a lot of work to pull.

Thanks either way.

- Wordhawk

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Perhaps the wisest course of action would be to say there were differences of opinion on matters generally unrelated to the drafts themselves, and let it rest there for the time being.

Jason H.

Ancient History:
That would be both inaccurate and disingenuous. Jason Hardy, as Line Developer, had me banned from the freelancer forums for certain statements I made about him personally. We had many previous disputes, including several regarding the drafts in question, and a particularly nasty disagreement over the envisioned future of Shadowrun and several upcoming products. While Jason was willing to continue to use my work, it was obvious to me we had completely different standards and I no longer had any interest in continuing a business association with the company or the people running it.

Which was all said in more graphic detail, and much harsher language, elsewhere.


--- Quote from: Lansdren on ---Legacy flame wars are not cool

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getting closer there.

Caine Hazen:
That all being said, this thread can remain as a resource, and not a topic of discusion.  You can PM AH with questions if you have them.


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