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Pepsi Jedi:
If you're out in the real world exchanging fire with orcs and trolls and security forces.. I Imagine it might mean something to you.

In our living rooms and such around the gaming table. Why cause such a fuss?

i really don't see this point offending a majority of gamers. Kind of confused as to why anyone would feel disrespect at the two being switched. Sorry you feel this way but really, it's a fictional game, in a fictional universe, just chalk it up with creative license and get on with enjoying the rest of the game.

Pepsi Jedi:
Or just use the word you prefer. It's not like it's going to confuse anyone. If you call it a 'clip' or a 'magazine', in reference to something with bullets to go in a gun. Everyone knows what you're describing.

Yep.  It's one of those things that can be mildly annoying to those in the know, but it's hardly something to get worked up over.

Doc Chaos:
I'm working in the industrial computer industry. If I got worked up over every bit of pure bulldrek regarding the Matrix... I would've stopped playing Shadowrun years ago. *shrugs* Its a game, its fiction, so fraggin what.


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