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Hello Fellow Runners,

I am rather new to the scene, and so have recently read many of the jackpoint files (core rule books) to the point that I feel as if my head is going to explode... that aside

It has to be said:

It's a #@$T@  MAGAZINE not a CLIP

Here is a link to a video that will explain it to you

Over and Over in print, SR constantly refer to magazines as clips, in the wrong usage...  I have to choke down a sound that I automatically emit when I read that.  Firearms are a necessary part of my life, I spend many hours training with them every week.   The use of clip in the wrong verb-age shows a gross lack of knowledge or even disrespect to the firearm community at large..  SR  does a wonderful job of building plausible technology at least from a conceptual point of view... but dear god this needs to be addressed.  First time I get new people on the firring line I have to beat the Hollywood out of them, Please SR in future editions use a common search and replace function available in both adobe and MS word, or star office to fix this travesty.

I will now get off my soap box and quietly go back to the shadows.. but I am watching you SR...

I've told myself that game companies do it just to save on word count.

Yes, it's something that's been mentioned on a fairly regular basis^^ 

But, disrespect, really?  Travesty?  Sorry, I can't say I really see that.

How do you know that any of those weapons in SR use magazines,maybe they all do use clips ;)
Maybe all the artist just got the look of the guns wrong ;D

It's a question of definition:

Magazines feed rounds into the firing chamber

Clips feed rounds into magazines


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