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Tech vs magic

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Well, if you got $50, DriveThruRPG has this great Bundle of PDFs for sale, where you get Arsenal, Augmentation, Runner's Companion, Street Magic and Unwired.


ATM I am using a mobile device and don't think PDF is compatible. Even if it is, I like having the hardcopy, I don't have a notebook to carry around and use as a mobile resource... But it seems like it would make life much easier. I wish I could find it that cheap in hard copy, cheapest I have found is $20.

I half expected to hear Michael J. Fox's voice with that graphic, Critias. ;D


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Personally, I consider Arsenal, Augmentation, and Street Magic necessary extensions of the core rulebook.  The electronics/hacker/decker stuff not so much (because of the nature of the games I tend to play and the characters I tend to run), but A, A, and SM are simply must-haves.  There's so much stuff in there that's applicable to so many types of characters, I'd feel naked without 'em.
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Feel the same, my players almost never do hackers/technomancer/riggers archetype, so the 3 books you mentionned are being used non-stop, still good to have a look in Unwired once in a while.


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