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--- Quote from: Critias on ---Those two books, in particular, just feel like they really flesh out the setting, add to the must have equipment lists, and round out the core book. 

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I whole heartily agree with that sentiment, but i do have to say that i feel like that for all the core books and Running Wild too. 

Yeah, just went onto Amazon last night and ordered up the print copies of Ars/Aug/RC/SM/Unw. I just couldn't hold out anymore, knowing I'm going to be running a campaign and wanted to make sure the players had access to more than printed out pages from PDFs...

Usda Beph:

--- Quote from: Bisharian on ---ATM I am using a mobile device and don't think PDF is compatible. Even if it is, I like having the hardcopy, I don't have a notebook to carry around and use as a mobile resource... But it seems like it would make life much easier. I wish I could find it that cheap in hard copy, cheapest I have found is $20.

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I have been able to load/read CBT books on my Palm Centro phone. so long as it isn't image heavy. The PDFs from Catlabs have been pretty easy on my phone. ;) Just thought it might help ya.


This is the other half?



--- Quote from: dodger on ---
This is the other half?


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Sounds about right to me ;D


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