[6e] Will it hold my weight?

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« on: <02-22-21/1741:11> »
Hey folks, I came across this general purpose rule/guide buried in a spell description inside Street Wyrd of all places, and thought it'd be good to draw attention to it. 
pg. 39, Gecko Crawl
The subject may move along a ceiling at their
normal climbing rate (so long as the ceiling can hold
them). If the Structure rating (p. 113, SR6) is less
than the Body of the subject, then the ceiling buckles or breaks under the weight of the subject, and
Gecko Crawl fails to keep the subject connected.
Probably useful outside of Gecko Crawl.

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« Reply #1 on: <02-22-21/1748:03> »
That's how gecko tape worked on 5e.

I actually didn't notice that's NOT how gecko tape works in 6e until I saw that in Street Wyrd, too.

The CRB is less verbose, but one might infer that the intent is to permit clinging as described.  And, presumably, it ceases to work when wet or on wet surfaces (as was also the case in 5e)
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RPG mechanics exist to give structure and consistency to the game world, true, but at the end of the day, you’re fighting dragons with algebra and random number generators.

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« Reply #2 on: <02-22-21/1758:08> »
Yeah not sure that works for me. I mean its quick and easy but when i line up the example materials it does not seem to gel. 2 body is normal supposedly, but 3 structure is a 1cm stack of paper, its not until structure 4 the 1cm of glass until I'd feel comfortable with it fully supporting of a metahuman at least pre gnomes and that is cutting it close. But then the difference in actual weight between a body 2 and body 6 human is likely small enough that a single structure worth of material would be enough to support them as now it is furniture, and a hollow wood door. And then we get into racial differences while I freely admit I think the new meta attribute system is terrible, it does allow a 1 body troll, even if they are 1 body would I really assume the same weight a a 1 body gnome or a 1 body elf, or 1 body human to each other much less the extreme of troll to gnome.

So yeah I'm guessing if quick and easy is all you want, go for it. But if you are thinking maybe a thin piece of glass shouldn't support a human 1 body or not with gear on top it doesn't work. If they were referencing wall climbing and not the across the ceiling part I'd have no issue as the weight would applied in a safer fashion.


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« Reply #3 on: <02-23-21/0155:54> »
I actually didn't notice that's NOT how gecko tape works in 6e
What changed / is different...?

one might infer that the intent is to permit clinging
SR6 p. 280 Gecko Tape
they’re strong enough to attach a troll, upside down, to the ceiling.

presumably, it ceases to work when wet or on wet surfaces
SR6 p. 280 Gecko Tape
Gecko tape gloves are useless when they’re wet.


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« Reply #4 on: <03-07-21/2233:45> »
Word of advice.  Stop metagaming the the filler and details.  Also, stop putting previous editions rules into this one, it's hard not to, believe me I know, but it's a good idea in general if there is a standing rule in 6E.

Illusions (Foreboding) v. Mob Mood.  They are resisted a bit different if I recall.  Also, different mentor spirits effect spells differently.  Furthermore, Mob Mood is not limited to a single emotion/emotive sensation like Foreboding is.

Gecko Crawl is not like Gecko Tape.  The spell can work on wet stuff, and if a GM wishes to, he can modify effects for their table.  The rule regarding Barrier Rating v. Body Attributes is a very, very, bad precedent that will haunt may things down the road, I promise you.

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