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Couple quick follow-up questions
1. Any ballpark date for Mission 0805 and 0806? Ditto for Season 9/10.
2. Are the CMP that are planned to complete the Neo-Tokyo arc be made available to the general public (later on). It would be kind of a shame to have an incomplete arc.
3. With most convention cancelled this year to to Covid-19, what (if any) will be the impact for this  year's missions?


Michael Chandra:
#1: Ballpark dates are impossible, because that's in the hands of JM 'if I have it in my hands, THEN I am willing to declare a date' Hardy. =P

#3: Origins is the normal starting point, and will make its go/no-go decision 1st of May at the latest. If Origins gets cancelled, then they will look into how to debut the first six instead.

Michael Chandra:
Update necro: FAQ is out so it will be posted soonish, already got posted on SRMO Discord. I've seen action reports for 2081-01&02 so far, not sure what runs all are offered on GenCon Online.

Yay FAQ!

Are the FAQ Contact limits in addition to the limits on CRB p. 67 or do they replace?

CRB P. 67 "During character creation, you have a total of Charisma x 6 points to spend on Connection and Loyalty ratings for your contacts, and at this point, neither rating can be higher than the character’s Charisma."

FAQ, P 15:
" You can actually start with some of these contacts at character creation if you like (see Appendix C for their Connection ratings) but are limited to a maximum Loyalty of 4 at Character Generation. "


"During character generation, contacts you create are capped at 6 for both Connection and Loyalty.  There are ways to increase these for all contacts over your character’s career (see Section 7)"

So Combining all these Contact Loyalty is lower of Charisma or 4, and Connection is the lower of Charisma or 6.

Or do the Missions Limits overide the CRB, and you can take the Mission NPC Contacts, max Loyalty 4, Max Connection 7, regardless of Charisma?

P. 23 Upgrades  "Jack"  presuming Cyberjack?  Any reason that wouldn't just follow the normal Cyberware upgrade rules?

New Downtime rules are much better than the old calendar, thank you, nice work.

I would reiterate the option to take a Major Downtime action to repair All Drones and Vehicles under the repair rules.  I gotta think 9 runs out of 10 a Rigger isn't doing any of the Major Downtime actions anyway.

And no Betaware or Deltaware for Mundanes or low grade Cultured 'ware?  Boooo!  I don't quite get locking out 40% of the Cyberware/Standard Bioware and 60% of the Cultured Bioware options.

Michael Chandra:
It's an additional restriction, so <6 Charisma you still are capped by your Charisma for Connection and Loyalty.


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