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Longterm training question

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Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
You can take 6 months off between Shadowrun, 12 months off, however long you want and can afford.

SRM doesn't establish a minimum ops tempo, just a minimum lifestyle.

To clarify, there used to be a maximum downtime between missions. I forget when it was changed exactly, but they altered the downtime restrictions to a minimum lifestyle level rather than a maximum you can spend at once.

However, you are still allowed to split up your training time with missions should you so choose, with that restriction of you need to get back to training within 3 weeks.

Awesome that answers it. Yeah I was just going through the forum and saw the 1 month max and was like... shit have I been ignoring that rule all this time? I am glad that is not the case anymore.

Keep being awesome!


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