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Jayde Moon:
With a new FAQ comes a new FAQ discussion thread.

Put it all down, so we can get you guys the best possible product!

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
1.  *cackles maniacally now that blight is explicitly legal*

2. I see that the SRM doc didn't address spending karma/street cred on lowering lifestyle costs* when discussing the New Uses for Karma and Street Cred section.  Since the format is "everything's in except what we say isn't in", it sounds like it's legal to spend both karma and/or street cred to for example lower one's High lifestyle cost from 10,000/mo to 5,000/mo?

*Edit: I missed that the discussion on New Uses for Karma and Street Cred carries over to another page.  It mentions lowering lifestyle costs in a very awkwardly worded way:

--- Quote ---—and the risk
associated with lowering a Lifestyle Cost relies too much on GM fiat to feel fair if ever applied, so that rule is used
as well.
--- End quote ---

So the rule IS used?  Or that's supposed to say the rule IS NOT used in SRM?  I'm not even sure where the GM fiat/table variation would even come in to play on that rule anyway... you pay the karma/street cred price, and so long as you maintain that lifestyle you get the benefit.  SRM already makes us track calendars, seems like fiat/variation is the opposite of what the rule is using?

Jayde Moon:
That should be

--- Quote ---... so that rule isn't used as well.
--- End quote ---

Good catch.

Hey Jayde Moon I don't know if you have read the thread on it, but I need to put in the follow power for SRM consideration.

Boosted Attribute (Strength)- I'm putting this in for consideration, this powers wording is problematic, as it specifies dice pools and not ratings. The Counter argument currently in vogue is it adds to "Feats of strength", sadly for the counter argument, in point of fact raw strength rolls don't occur, Lift/Carry the roll to picking up heavy object is derived stat from Body+Str, and therefore not enhanced by the wording of BAS.  Which means this power is useless and needs to be clarified. Other variant of the same power (see Boosted Attribute Agility), directly contributing to damage, so we know the author didn't care if this power did add to damage. So I'm making the argument it needs to be errata'ed for BAS to specifically call out that it affect the damage rating that calculate their damage rating from strength (Most melee weapons, bows, thrown, unarmed etc). The power doesn't say it won't enhance damage rating and does say adds to the attribute. In the same way the BAB adds to soak, and BAR adds dodge and piloting. It just happens that those are direct pools.

On a different note I'm concerned about the negative quality Stolen Gear (No Future page 177). While I suspect the easy response is just to ban it, but as it's a cool quality, perhaps reducing the ether per point amount or capping the possible amount spent might be doable? I can certainly understand if that's to much trouble, and it just needs to be banned but I think it's a cool quality.

PS I love Candle in the Darkness please, please, please let that in! Thanks!

If you tamper with Stolen Gear, you also have to tamper with In Debt.
Maybe 2 karma max on Stolen Gear and 4 karma for In Debt.
At those restrictions, it wouldn't do a lot of unbalancing, at least, I don't think it would.

For possible eratta: I would also suggest 1 Notoriety for every 1 karma for Stolen Gear, if it becomes known the gear in question is stolen.

Candle in the Darkness, I could maybe see it allowed if the bonus to Loyalty is reduced to +1 for SRM.


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