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Season 8 pdf releases?

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Any news? I would love to know how it ends. Because I run it all as a campaign.

Bump.. Also the last half of season 7...

Last half of season 7 is up on drivethrurpg.

My bad I was off a season in my thinking.... yeah... so season 8 second half mission 3 on up...

For anyone willing to take skeleton plots and do their own work on fleshing it out and adding stats and so forth, the new Anarchy book "Chicago Chaos" basically summarizes most of the Chicago missions (and I think adds a few new items?).  It is still on sale on drivethrurpg as I post this (I'm not sure how long the sale is on for), $8 American.  At this point I'm planning on continuing my Chicago campaign just using what is in there (although I'd probably still buy 8-05 and 8-06 for all the crunchy bits).


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