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Season 8 pdf releases?

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I might actually do this. We are still quite far away from season 8. This weekend we will start season 6 mission 4 (Tick Tock). But as a GM I would love to know how the story ends because I am running it more like a cohesive campaign then 24 separate missions, so it would be very useful to know how to plan ahead, what I should foreshadow and so forth.

Any news on when the rest of Season 8's release on DrivethruRPG and other sites?

I've had a few people ask after that.

Good day,

I am also curious about when the rest of Season 8 (and season 9) will be made available on Drivethrurpg and other sites.

Mission 08-03 Just got added on DrivethruRPG.

Hopefully the rest will follow soon.

How do you like the release now?

What would you add/change if you had the power to do so?


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