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Season 8 pdf releases?

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Apparently Better than Bad has spoilers for the climax of season 8 of Missions.  I'm still hoping to run those Missions before rolling all of this as 'it has happened' in my game.

In other words, any update on when missions 3-6(?) of season 8 will be published?  1 and 2 have been out for ages, but it seems the rest fell by the wayside somewhere?

Jayde Moon:
They got delayed with the staff. Changes.  3 thru 6 are finishing up artwork now and should see release 'soon', then we'll be getting things back on schedule.

Thanks for the update!

Jayde Moon:
By the way, the season 8 art is looking

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:

--- Quote from: Jayde Moon on ---By the way, the season 8 art is looking

--- End quote ---


I'm looking forward to seeing art for Neo-Tokyo too... crossing my fingers for all kinds of kawaii idoru schlock..


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