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[SR6] Thrown Melee weapons AR


What is the total AR of Thrown Melee weapons (when thrown at Near range), like a Knife?
A) Knife DV:2P AR:6+STR/1///
B) Knife DV:2P AR:6+STR/1+STR///
A or B?

It's only me, or adding STR to Melee weapons AR makes those weapons much more effective (in Edge gain) than other weapons (with fixed AR)?

You typically gain a tactical advantage by using a melee weapons at near range (at least if you put some focus in Strength). Other weapons that are also good at near range include throwing weapons, pistols, SMGs and sawed-off shotguns.

Unarmed have an AR of Strength + Reaction. Melee weapons have an AR of listed AR + Strength (or listed AR + Reaction for whips) and can typically not be used beyond near (3 meters - or 5 meters with Long Reach). And if they can be thrown into close distance they are often limited to just 20 meters. With a strength of 5 a Knife have an AR of 11 / 6 / - / -

Thrown weapons (and other ranged weapons) have the AR that is listed. Throwing knives, for example, have an AR of 10 / 9 / 3 / -  / -

Ok, thanks


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