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[SR6] Mystic Adept with Astral Sight (power) and Astral Projection (metamagic)


[SR6] A Mystic Adept with Astral Sight (power) and Astral Projection (metamagic) is exaclty like a Magician with some Adept powers and nothing less, correct? (Beside the half duration Astral Projection)

With some other caveats, yeah.  Magicians can't lose astral perception unless they burn out completely, but mystic adepts can lose astral sight (and so lose projection) if they lose enough power points.


--- Quote from: LukeZ on ---Beside the half duration Astral Projection
--- End quote ---
And Essence loss every minute instead of every hour if the duration is exceeded.

(and what MercilessMing said)

Game mechanically a mystic adept may opt to pay for Perception and (a bit more limited and quite a lot more risky) Projection for having the option to get power points. Or the other way around - a magician is giving up the option to get power points for getting both free Perception and (less limited and less risky) free Projection.

Mystic Adept - Grade 1 Initiate (Magic 4 with Priority A in creation)
Astral Perception (for 1 PP)
Astral Projection, Partial (for 1 Metamagic)
3 PP
0 Formulas

Magician - Grade 1 Initiate (Magic 4 with Priority A in creation)
Astral Perception (for free)
Astral Projetion, Full (for free)
1 Metamagic
8 Formulas (equivalent to 40 free karma)

Generally, what the Mystic Adept gives up at character creation isn't spells, it's attributes.  Sure, in your example they're not starting with any spells, and that's probably fine, but the real tradeoff is that they are often going to spend A for Magic because mystic adept players want to maximize their adept powers.
No one else should probably be spending A for Magic.  Magicians should decide how many spells they're ok with having at the beginning, and pick the lowest Magic priority that gives them that.  This is probably C for many people, or D if you're frugal and have your eye on the long term.  Almost all magicians are going to spend A on attributes.

Magicians built with life path and build points get the option to spend starting karma on spells, so they'll always have as many as the player wants. 
Don't ask me why those build methods have those options, I think it's just because the companion author didn't like what was in the CRB so he went off and did his own thing.


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