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Damage Reduction x Armor

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Hello runners. Give me a hand will ya?

In SRA armor works like an extra HP layer, once per combat. When the armor has soaked its maximum value, it stops working right?

How about damage reduction (DR)? The book gives no explanation whatsoever. I am guessing that it reduces damage from each source every single time.

So if you are hit twice for 6 and 8 damage and you have DR3, you take 3dmg from source #1 and 5dmg from source #2.
Also, I assume this only happens once the armor is gone.

Am I on the right track? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Mainly I`d like to know it there is an official guide to handling this. My main concers are threefold:
(1) Does DR work every time you  take damage (each source)?
(2) Or does it work once per combat scene (seems very weak this way).
(3) Does it work while armor is on?

I hope someone answers these questions.  I am confused as well.

The nice thing about Anarchy: If you feel that DR should work only after Armor is depleted, and you feel that THAT is how it should work, then THAT is how it works. Just be consistent with the players and NPCs.

If you feel that DR works even when taking damage to Armor, then THAT is how it works.  Just be consistent with the players and NPCs.

You might make exceptions for AA damage (like manabolt) or certain types of damage (like, does having metal bones help you survive fire damage?).

What is AA damage?

Armor Avoidance. A few spells have this quality. It will say in the Amp.

net hits go toward bypassing armor instead of ramping up damage.


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