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Is Movement a "free action"?

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Crazy late, I know.

But during quarantine we've came back to SRA hard, and flipping through the book we got this doubt.

During your narration, can you do 1 Movement + 1 Action? Or is Movement, itself, an action?

We've played 1Movement + 1Action per Narration so far (before counting any Plot Point effects if any).

Page reference would be great. Thanks in advance.

If we're being hyper-specific with terminology, it's 1 Movement + 1 Attack (not "Action"), which might help clarify the matter.

Non-attack actions are usually handwaved as part of the narration unless it "intentionally and directly damages another living being" (p. 40) at which point it qualifies as an attack. I'm not sure why they bothered with the "living being" clause since you can certainly attack many things which aren't living, like vehicles, drones, doors, etc.

Attacks are detailed on p. 40. Movement is detailed on p. 42.

Amps adjust the number of attacks you have per Scene, and/or the number of Plot Points. Plot points can be turned into extra movement with Double Time (p. 36 and again on p. 42).

I see.

That may be troublesome because, if general actions are just a handwaved part of the narration, it means that in your narration you may act, move and attack.

Narrations are subjective things. See this from p. 34:

"In combat, a Narration will typically last as long as it
takes to execute a single Combat Action (see p. 40); in
non-combat activities, the length of the Narration might
be more variable. The general guideline is for it to last as
long as the game needs to stay lively and keep everyone

It's up to every table to decide what's desirable and permissible. I wouldn't want someone to play Moonlight Sonata during the combat narration (not all of it, anyway), but some extra fluff about changing clips and making quips ends up being more for flavor than actually affecting the outcome of the encounter.

My groups do not play Movement as an "action". They can move and still Attack in the same Narration. It's the only way that melee seems satisfying to us. Incidental actions (skill tests like Stealth, Athletics) are included in the Narration (hand-waved).

When drones get +1 movement, +1 attack we think of that as 1 movement for the player and 1 movement for the drone. It can go in a different direction, etc.


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