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New to hero lab need help.

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I bought herolab yesterday and I need to know how to temporarily change the build options to Sum to 12 or 1000 point buy. Can someone tell me how I do that?

First you need to purchase the option that is buy the package that contains the options you want in your case its run faster from their website. Then in the intiial box (or by selecting configure hero) you need to click the sum to 10 system option in the section labelled "click to change hero settings" where you choose which options you want for that character. Once you've done that (I can give more details if needed but going by your post I think you've already got this part covered) you need to adjust what sum to X level you want.

To do this click on the personal tab then on the "add permanent adjustments" button at the bottom. From the list there of adjustments you can make to your character select "Character Creation Priority Points" and then "add and close". This will create an option in the permanent adjustments that should read "Character Creation Priority < 0 >". Adjust this to adjust your value e.g "Character Creation Priority < -5 >" will give you sum to 5 and "Character Creation Priority < +2 >" will give you sum to 12.

Same with changing your starting karma purchase run faster, select point buy option then in permanent adjustments select "Character Creation Karma" and type 200 in the resulting adjustmnet i.e. "Character Creation Karam < +200 >" and you'll have 1,000 starting karma to spend.


No problem it can be a bit confusing. I'm currently wrestling with the programming to make astral projection available to mystic adepts.

I need more help how do I use Herolab to own a technocritter as a pet?


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