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Iceblade's profile, paragraph two, after Iceblade's comment to Murphy:

>>>>>[ And that's of course the sort of thing Humanis uses to justify their own prejudice. In some ways, the subtle condescention is actually worse, or at least pstchologically more damaging than more obvious forms of prejudice. At least with Humanis you know to expect it. No offence to you personally, Miri. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:31:34/01-25-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph seven, after Iceblade's comment:

>>>>>[ I know and appreciate quality when I see it, my dear. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:33:33/01-25-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph eight, after iceblade's comment:

>>>>>[ Actually I did...but I decided not to share. There are some things...better left alone. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:35:53/01-25-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph ten, after Iceblade's comment':

>>>>>[ And of course, you pick up so much useful information you can use in all your other capacities, don't you Miri? Yes...I found out about that too. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:39:12/01-25-74)

Madrecita's Profile, Paragraph ten, after Iceblade's comment:

>>>>>[ Fun, though. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:42:32/01-25-74)

Madrecita's Profile, Paragraph thirteen, after Iceblade's comment:

>>>>>[ Yes. I won't argue that one. One of the things that saved me is that I'm fundamentally not a power-seeking person. It's not in my nature. But yes. You are correct. If I'm ever in a position again of needing power...I will have to be doubly careful not to go down that path again. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:45:32/01-25-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph 2, After Madrecita's comment:

>>>>>[None taken, Xerena. But racism is everywhere, not just in Humanis strongholds. An elf walking through the Ork Underground isn't exactly going to get a warm reception, yes? But as I said, growing up it was omnipresent. Some were worse than others, but it was always there. I'd like to think I've learned a bit since then.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (14:01:04/01-25-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph 10, after Madrecita's comment:
>>>>>[One can hardly blame me if the ladies I service are more relaxed after vigorous exercise, and feel like talking. And if I happen to hear something that benefits me in my work, why shouldn't I take advantage of it?]<<<<<

--Iceblade (14:05:02/01-25-74)

Posted by: KageZero

Age: 21 (b. 07/23/2052)
Height: 165 cm (5' 4")
Weight: 57.34 kg (126 lbs)
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Metatype: Latina Elf
Awakened: Yes
Hoi, Bull, hope this squares us in regards to that mix-up in Tokyo. Mercedes is a cool customer, for sure, and there’s not much electronic gossip about her, but I’ve worked with her a couple of times and she’s okay with the download. I think her exact words were about “more customers”.

Mercedes was born Haydée Vega in 2050 somewhere in Aztlan. Her mother came to Seattle with her eleven-year-old daughter in tow, and never spoke of her time down south. If Mercedes remembers any of her early childhood, she’s never made mention of it.

Being a second generation elf, Mercedes and her mom did try to get passage in the Tir, but the restrictive regime policies kept them out. Fortunately, they fell in the Laésa in Puyallup. This proved beneficial, both to the outlaw rebels and young Mercedes, who was just coming into her abilities.

While her mother was decking on runs with the rebels, Mercedes spent time watching and learning the politics of social rebellion. At 14, she Awakened. Normally, any crew would have been thrilled at having a magically active adept in their ranks, but beyond her Astral Perception, she and those around her didn’t see any physical abilities manifest, and they figured she was just another aura-reader.

Her social abilities became more evident when she attended group rallies, where her ability to encourage and rise the morale of those in attendance, and when she was present at various meets with fixers and johnsons, where the rebels seemed to negotiate better deals. Soon, the leaders of the Laésa were able to see that she was a Social Adept and immediately put her to work as one of their recruiters and “negotiation representatives”. By the time she turned 17, she had earned a rep as a solid face and speaker. Unfortunately, this was also when her mom died, another victim to a botched run.

Although she still worked for the Laésa, she did so only on her terms and made it clear she was working by contract only, and not a permanent “employee”. With her charismatic skills, the break was clean and amicable to all concerned. She then turned to the private industry, hiring herself out to corps and fixers alike to negotiate contracts, do public speaking at motivational rallies and as a minor fixer.

After her mother’s death, Mercedes frowned on using violence in runs, preferring to use tasers and other non-lethal means to deal with the opposition. And she never dealt with wetwork, on either side of the table (a belief that she upholds even today).

Of course, running the shadows changes a lot of things. It’s said that after having some dealing with the Infected and some Vampire Hunters, her code of pacifism was tested and the hard choices made her realize she would not survive long in the dog-eat-dog world she lived in.

Nowadays, she is a creature of light and shadow. She lives in both worlds, hiring herself out to corporations as Haydée Vega, contract negotiator and motivational speaker and still working the shadows as a team’s fixer, or even their face, accompanying them on runs when needed.

Her latest endeavor led to some work in Denver, where it’s rumored she had dealings with Ghostwalker’s “people” looking into some of Ares’ dealings.

>>>>>[ I worked wid her a coupla times a year or two back. Know that when she talks, peoples listen. And that when dey listen, the cost for my bullets comes in way under-budget. Which is good bizness.]<<<<<

--Bear (16:22:48/01-25-74)

Mercedes Profile, after Bear's

>>>>>[My Old Man told me that the corps love it when your ammo budget is well under. Means possible No Corpse bonuses, and makes it more likely for the corp run against to leave it alone. After all, they don't have to pay for new equipment and personnel and training.]<<<<<

     -- Card (16:51:31/01-25-74)

Mercedes's Profile, Paragraph 6, after 'minor fixer':

>>>>>I was at one of those rallies. Even without her Talent, there's no mistaking the skill the girl has with her voice. Things may have ended up quite differently if her mother had been allowed into the country. Mercedes would have gone far at the Information Secretariat.<<<<<

--Iceblade (12:25:35/01-26-74)

Mercedes's Profile, Paragraph 8, after 'world she lived in':

>>>>>[The Sixth World is not kind regarding those who cannot adapt their ideals to the realities of the world. They tend to be some of the most dangerous people around, to others as well as themselves.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (12:28:34/01-26-74)

Mercedes's Profile, Paragraph 10, after Card's comment:
>>>>>[Don't forget death benefits. Working corpsec is dangerous, as anyone in the field can tell you. Most of them have benefits going to next of kin written into their contracts as a 'perk'. Deaths occurring during a gun battle as runners try to escape are one thing. That's part of the game. What is REALLY going to get a reprisal team after you is if you start doing stealth kills on every guard you come across. A slap patch of slab or laes does the same job, without costing the company extra, and does wonders for your rep. If your Face negotiates an 'expense account' for your run, grabbing some of those drugs can go a long way to getting you some repeat business.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (12:41:24/01-26-74)


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