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Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 11, before Murphy's Comment.

>>>>>[Wonder what his new apprentice, Autumn, thinks about all this?]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (22:00:01/01-24-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 11, after Money Johnson's Comment.

>>>>>[What she has to say? Well, where to fraggin' start? Although Madrecita mentioned it, people really need to know how much of threat to everyone this guy really is. He's a manipulative bastard with a sky-high IQ used for his own selfish needs. Everything he does and says as purpose, always! One day, I notice he puts poison in his own tea. The next day, I realize he wanted me to see him put poison in his tea so I come up with the idea of doing research on poisons. He teaches kids in Redmond how to fight, then they grow up and volunteer out of gratitude to protect the small prostitution ring he operates in Tacoma. He never asked any of them, he already knew they would without hesitation. He winks at a random woman in the street, weeks later  we find her sitting at the front desk of a hotel, still remembering him and without even flirting he can have what he needs from her. Trying to analyze what he does all the time is just maddening. Sometimes you wonder if he sees the future or if he engineers it perfectly. He is also completely free of any morality. He does what he wants, when he wants. And there's absolutely no stopping him, especially when nobody has no idea what he really wants. I envy that asshole's freedom. I'll predict this about him. It's a repeated succession of one consonant and one vowel, punctuated by exclamation.]<<<<<
     -- Autumn (23:56:01/01-27-74)

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Following Above
>>>>>[ That's called advanced research, kid, and knowing your surroundings.  This is what old runners do, and try to tell young runners to do in order for them to become old.  Legwork and research is something that plenty of runners don't do -- or don't find someone to do for them.  I have a good idea who Smiley hires for his research, and I'd bet that he's paying a nice chunk of change for it. ]<<<<<
          -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (01:20:40/01-28-2074)

Posted by Iceblade

Vital Stats: Card
Age: 22
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 63.5 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light Blue
Metatype: Human
Awakened: Adept

So we've been seeing some stories about people who've been around the block a few times, and I thought it was time to give a new kid in the game a leg up.

Jackson Hart was born in Seattle, and was still just a kid, even by human standards, when the Crash hit. This made getting any real information on his early life difficult, to say the least. What I have been able to find is that young Jackson was wandering the streets alone in a bad part of town, when a certain Chinese gentleman offered him food and shelter if he'd deliver a package. That was how Card got his start in the Triads.

A non-Chinese in the Triads is a rare thing. A non-Chinese who has earned a measure of responsibility and respect in the organization is even rarer. Being an Adept helps in this regard, of course. Card is the 'manager' of the "Express Bike Delivery Group", a Triad front. Though he mainly sticks to the north side of Seattle, he'll go wherever the job takes him, especially if it is for his "Grandfather" Linh Wai, or the local underboss, Yung Ling.

Card's done his best to insulate his family from his Triad connections, to the point of not letting them know he survived the chaos of the Crash. His closest friend is a Chinese ork by the name of Lucas Yang, a mechanic. If you need to find Card, you can usually find him and Lucas at the Crank Shaft, a biker/mechanic bar.

If Card is reading this, he should know that he needs to work on covering his reactions. Yang might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even he has suspicions about Card's secrets. Not always answering when someone calls out his alias, Roan, and having to visibly prevent himself from answering when someone calls out "Hey Jack!" is sloppy tradecraft. If Yang was any sharper, his cover would have been blown a long time ago.

Card's only other personal connection in the underworld is a former DocWagon doctor by the name of Miss Maggie. Charming woman, and quite talkative after a couple drinks.

Card's been in the shadows for a decade now, but so far he's flown under the radar, first because he was a kid, and then because he was a courier, instead of a runner. Still, he's a non-Chinese that has managed to work his way up through the Triads. I haven't been able to discover whether he's undergone the infamous Bleeding Oath yet, but if he hasn't, it is likely that if he rises any further, he'll have to before long. Keep that in mind when working with him. There are some oaths you can't break, and that will take precedence over anything else.

Card is a skilled martial artist, and an adept. While he typically favors nonlethal attacks, it is something to see his feet flying, wrapped in lightning. He refuses to use guns, or any ranged weapons, a personal choice that limits his options in defending himself, relying on the speed of his bike to avoid trouble, instead of learning how to deal with trouble when it comes to him. He's young, though, and can fill these gaps in his training with time, which will make him more useful to the Triads, if he continues with the organization.

Madrecita's Profile, after Paragraph 8, about faking her own death

>>>>>[I gotta admit, the way she did it was pretty clever.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:12:12/01-29-74)

Madrecita's Profile, after Paragraph 16, about the assassination of Vasquez

>>>>>[Toxins on the lips. That's a classic! There you go folks, that's how it's done!]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:16:54/01-29-74)

Smileys Profile, after Paragraph 2, about his name.

>>>>>[Alright, alright. I'll let you all in a little secret. I have no name. Yes, that's right! No one gave me one! Isn't it fantastic? Beside my street name and my artist name, both of them I chose for myself, there's only fake ones I attach to fake IDs. There you go, that's out of the bag!]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:19:32/01-29-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 5, about The Mysterious Man

>>>>>[So he trained me, did he? Well, he did made me discover my calling and showed me the ropes on the basics of wetwork. I supose he did, at least partially. And yes, the pay is fantastic! These credsticks weren't exactly a payment.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:21:42/01-29-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 9, about his first team

>>>>>[I'll say that, I did not killed these idiots. And if it seems that way, that's because I did grew up in cave in the... country that I grew up in.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:24:19/01-29-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 10, about being a shifter

>>>>>[O RLY?]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:26:04/01-29-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 11, replying to Autumn's shadowcomment but after Wyrm's comment.

     -- Smiley (15:27:37/01-29-74)


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