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Street Legends Supplemental now out--ten more characters to play with!

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Kane, Smiling Bandit, Slamm-O!, and Harlequin? SQUEE!

Well I'm happy Hard Exit, Harlequin, and Kane are all on my list of favorites. Slamm-O! is bonus.

Kane was a BLAST to work on.  He's a fun, fun character.  And as an added bonus, I managed to sneak in some character development for another Jackpointer at the same time. ;)

Patrick Goodman:
And we might just survive it....


He knew that the corporations maintained data on individual
shadowrunners and had done so for decades. He had implemented
security features so that the site did not repeat enough for people to
gather network analysis, no matter how many people were logged on.
Even when it would, the amount of information collected on data
traffic should have made analysis considerably difficult. Part of the
reason he recruited Puck was to ensure that there weren’t other means
that he couldn’t predict that technomancers might be able to find.
The node was burning, collapsing, and on the verge of taking him
with it. He had what he came for: the dossiers that had been assembled
on JackPoint and its members, including analysis and concepts of
operations to infiltrate and co-opt the group and specific members. He
bashed the shredded files repeatedly with JackHammer, using it to feed
a viral code that would erase and overwrite the data repeatedly before
destroying it for good.

Magical Societies on the other hand sounds interesting...


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