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Damage Reduction x Armor

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--- Quote from: Moonrunner on ---What is AA damage?

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Moonrunner, there is a topic about it on Shadowrun Anarchy Forum. Check it out. But basicaly it bypasses the armor layer inflicting damage directl;y to the character Condition Monitor.


--- Quote from: Gingivitis on ---The nice thing about Anarchy: If you feel that DR should work only after Armor is depleted, and you feel that THAT is how it should work, then THAT is how it works. Just be consistent with the players and NPCs.

If you feel that DR works even when taking damage to Armor, then THAT is how it works.  Just be consistent with the players and NPCs.

You might make exceptions for AA damage (like manabolt) or certain types of damage (like, does having metal bones help you survive fire damage?).

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Hey Gingivitis, thanks for your time.
I get it that SRA is meant to be rules light and all that. But for me I personaly feel there is much gapping in the rules. Been rules light doesn`t mean there shouldn`t be hard definitions on the game mechanics. So wehile I appreciate you answering the topic, I was kinda hoping that there was sort of an official   answer to these kind of thing.
While we are at it, what is YOUR take on the problem?
Thanks anyhow.

My take on the problem of being an incomplete game was to create the site to collect all my houserules and share them with others.

My take on Armor and DR specifically? I run that DR applies to incoming damage before its applied to Armor or CM. It makes it easier to run for NPC threats and it removes any calculations from happening when an attack bypasses armor or finishes armor and then bleeds into CM. Calculations are the enemy of a fast-paced game.

 :D Wow, impressive this Surprisethreat thing.
I will definitly check it out.
That said, thanks again for your input.


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