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I am desperate for a game, and Shadowrun, though not my favorite system, is far and away my favorite setting.  However, I'm starting grad school soon, and probably won't be able to fit an in-person or even scheduled online game into my schedule, so I'm looking back at PbP.

I figured I'd toss this up to see if there are enough people here who would be interested in a campaign that would ultimately heavily involve the Sixth World Tarot, using it to tie together and expose the party to several other elements of the plot.  I've got nascent plot ideas that would involve Aztechnology, MCT, a few major street gangs, Wuxing, and the Seelie Court (and maybe Ares), so there are a lot of angles that could be covered.  My lore-savvy is probably above-average, but not to the level of most of the lore-masters on these boards.  Seattle would be the most likely starting point, but I'm open to other places, and I hope for the game to eventually take off to other locales, with Morocco, the Sioux Nation, Metropole, and Asamando being particular likely to come up (y'know, places I've got sourcebooks to use as a springboard).

Also, if enough people want to try something different, I was toying with the idea of having the party being something other than a group of shadowrunners for a different style of game.  I like to imagine, in-universe, people talking about "the Shadows" like they talk about "the Game" in the Wire.  That is to say, someone can be "of the Shadows" without actually being a shadowrunner.  FBI detectives, a fledgling PI agency desperate for jobs - there are a lot of possibilities if anyone is bored with always being a party of Shadowrunners.

I've run shadowrun before, but my system mastery is middling, and I just want to be upfront about that.  I have historically used a lot of house rules (I have like a five page document for them sitting in a file somewhere), but I'd be very clear about any that would incorporated and open to a reasonable discussion on whether or not they go too far in a particular direction (for the most part, I nerf summoning, don't allow TMs for PCs (could change if I can either find a rework I like or Kill Code adequately addresses them).  I've got some stuff to make aspected magicians far more workable, and have put together a list of adjusted karma costs that I feel better reflect how they would impact a game in the style I hope to run (stand outs: combat style qualities are a little cheaper, Adept Ways are a little cheaper, and the very high-value negative qualities that are mostly roleplaying don't yield as much bonus karma (Corporate SIN, for example).  Finally, I usually use the "sum-to-ten" rules for character generation, with a caveat that a character can still only have a single A priority.

I'd be looking at something that's more on the black trenchcoat/mirrorshades end of things.  A character proficient in combat is by no means a bad thing, but a dedicated street samurai would probably be pretty bored.

And for a final note, I feel I ought to be upfront that, especially when I run shadowrun, my games tend to get kind of adult.  It's a gritty world that doesn't always, or even often, have happy endings, so there is a chance that human rights could will be violated, (fantasy) prejudices will be explored, and children could get hurt, though this is more to highlight the wrongs of the Sixth World than to relish in the edginess of it.  As such, PCs would most frequently be dealing with the aftermath of such incidents and not seeing purple prose of a guy being tortured - but bad things do happen in Shadowrun.

So, with all that being said, would anyone be interested?

I would with the caveat that I might be a little slow for the first few weeks -- One more week in the job that has been sucking up my time, energy, and life (and which led me to drop almost all of my PBP games a year ago), then four weeks of doing it two days a week while transitioning into a new job, then fully into the new job (which I'm sure will keep me busy, but shouldn't be as insane and a shorter commute will help too).  I'm sure I could get a character built and some posts up, but more deeply researched or carefully worked out posts might be fifty days out for me.

Would be up for playing almost anything.

Cool, Beta is into it!  I found my old house rules documents and reviewed them.  I had forgotten that I had written up a Technomancer overhaul I wanted to test out, so they're on the table.  I figure I should get those up here so you guys can see what you'd be working with.  These were originally written for a group of entirely new players, so there's some stuff in there you can skip over at the beginnings.  I've included my reasoning for each of these changes, but one I can see being contentious is the changed to how spirits work, and this what I ask you to keep in mind - it's a nerf to how versatile summoning is in the world as a whole, not just to PCs.  It is going to take some doing to convince me that, in spite of some costs and risks behind summoning, it does not provide a disproportionate benefit to the investment it requires.  I aim to address this, and the problems I have run into in the pasts with "oversummoning."  I want spirits to stay kind of special, and I've seen too many games devolve into a spiritual arms race.  The changes to how magic works, and what is viable, will be reflected in the game world - most Awakened NPCs you deal with (especially grunts) are going to be aspected magicians (with sorcerers being favored on typical security details).

And the rest.

I have a concept I'd like to try (Panserbjorn), but I don't know if that meshes with the story you have in mind.
If not I can come up with another concept

But yes, I'm interested


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