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Ace  bows slightly again and thanks him politely in accented Japanese, keeping his eye careful on the men, and he waits to see if Ban says anything. If he does Ace waits for the interaction to complete and waits for Ban  to head towards the house careful to cover Ban's back. He is careful to never turn his back to the two Gangsters, but attempts to do so while looking natural.

(OOC: Sorry Adzling I should has said waited for Ban to take whatever action he takes, and not have dicated Ban was moving towards the house.)

Ban eyes the two yaks in the car over Ace's shoulder, careful to capture their faces and voices on video.

As they respond to Ace Ban simply nods and throws up an AR icon of a neon arrow with chaselights running around the perimeter pointing towards the back entrance that only the team can see.

Crow leaned back and continued assensing, turning to the Crow Spirit. "Search the area.  A young daughter of a crime lord has gone missing.  Her apartment is this building.  Please, search for clues as to who may have taken her, or been involved in such." He requested of the spirit.

((Using a task for it to use its Search power.  Crow sends a mental image of the girl, instructing the spirit to hunt down clues as to what direction she may have gone, and for any signs of Astral shenanigans.)

Ryu followed the team after bowing, following ace's lead. He monitored the search results in his AR overlay as he followed the team round the back, keeping an eye on the icons nearby

Ace makes his way towards the building, keeping an eye on access points and cameras. Retrieves and puts on a pair mirrored shades before reaching the door of the building. Are we ready to go in?


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