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The rain flowed steadily from the heavens as the man stood outside his eurocar holding and umbrella above his head as he waited. He wasn't a tall man and if it was not for the comfort in which he waited in the rain without seeking the shelter of his car he would not stand out much. He had typically features for a Japanese American, black hair and a slightness to his complexion that would set him apart from the more anglo fair skin of the Seattle plex's human population.

His eyes, which were currently covered by a pair of antique aviators, stared unwavering at the door of the restaurant that the luxury car was parked in front of. Most passerby huddled under protection didn't pay him much attention as they darted passed trying to hurry their way out of the rain. Even if they where to look passed their own misery in that moment the nights cover would have shielded him from their notice save for the red glow of the cigarette his smoked to pass the time.

It wasn't long before the light shining from the restaurants door was broken by the form of the man's employer. His employer was not alone in the restaurants waiting area inside the door. The two both elder in age, asian and sharp fo feature bowed deeply to each other out of respect before they attempted to exit the comfort of the exterior for the contrasting bleakness of this damp Seattle night. The Man quickly crossed the sidewalk to meet his master at the door the man flicked the cigarette away into the street with his remaining four fingers of his scared hand and opened the door for his employer. The man was not alone when he reached the door for his counterpart who waited silently next to a second car in the darkness had appeared to great his master as well. The two elderly men separated and followed their mens to their respective cars to leave.

The man shut the door as he sat in the driver seat and looked into the mirror at his passenger in the back as the elderly man spoke.
it is time to call the asset and set a meeting. The usual will do.

The man programmed the car to access grid guide and head to the compound as the display in his glasses pulled up his contact list with but a thought. the images of several people scrolled before his vision as it finally settled on a single picture of a man labeled Ban Dolo. the image flashed brighter twice in rapid succession as it shrunk to occupy the lower right hand side of the drivers vision as the car moved down the street, the soft ringing of the receiver heard only to Ichirou as he drove.

"Another night on prep sugar".
That's what Mincess Preia, his cheapass Stuffer Shack AR agent had said when she woke him to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody this afternoon.
Blinking twice he zeroed in on the upper right of his AR feed where a 5 second thumbnail clip of an old flat-vid looped.
Batman? No way that's too kitsch.
Bruce Wayne? What a downer that freak is.
It took him a second but then he recognized the clip's source, the final scene of Batman Vs. Superman, a totally downer of a flat-vid.
Ok that's better, he was more of a "Kark Clent than "Wuce Bayne".
He was happy this one wouldn't show up for at least another Year, he fraggin' hated that Kark.

So it came to be that a mild-mannered caucasian in a cheap suit wearing, corrective lens' with gelled back hair ran con prep that day. Which consisted of hanging out for hours on end at a certain fern bar on Washington that catered to the corp crowd. Ban needed a wageslave persona in Renraku for a daily-collect con he was setting up and Kark was just the guy to make the connection.

Two hours into the second attempt he had progressed past the background info gathering and was about to proceed to palming the mark's ID badge when his comlink started chirping in his ear, playing the Main Title to Showdown in Little Tokyo.

Breaking character Kark stood straight up and uncharacteristically barked "fraggit, money talks and this mark's balked" right into the astonished face of his drinking partner, Steve from Renraku Sewage Inspection Team 6. Spitting his vapor-stik into Steve's beer and knocking back his shot he headed for the plasti-curtain leading to the rain-slick Seattle streets.
Switching vocal tone to something more Ted Williams'esque he cooed into the line "Ban here, how much you paying?".

Ichirou smiled slightly at the comment, "Enough that we will not be collecting a finger this month. We need a team, do you have a man to find such a thing for you?"

"Null sweat, I got just the guy. Let me know if you want me playing Johnny or if the Gumi will be sending one of theirs"

Looking up into the falling rain Kark's glasses quickly fogged (cheap dime-store props, sigh), but no matter, he was already sick of Kark. He glanced at the thumbnail video in the upper right of his vision, it was looping a scene of a dude wearing a thread-bare blanket as a jacket and chomping on the butt end of a cigar. Or was it a cigarillo? Hard to tell. He'd have to do a bit of digging to get that detail right. Still he was pleased, this was the perfect person to call Cowboy.

Switching his voice before bothering with the rest of Kark (or was it Ban? Fraggit, did it matter?) he pipped the icon of a dancing cowboy toy figure in his address book.

"Hey, Cowboy..." he spat out in a low, slow western drawl. "I need a crew, what can you pull together that's not fresh of the boat?" Kark-with-voice-of-The-Stranger grunted and chewed on an imaginary cigarillo (he was sure it was a cigarillo now, too small for a cigar), "I fking hate the rain".

Ichirou was a man of business and loathed talking with Ban in any capacity but he knew the price of failure to the Oyabun and his aching hand who's listen ached more when the humidity was high kept him on task. Muting the call in his AR as he looked to the back seat where Hanzo Shotozumi sat looking out the window."The asset is in place and he will gather his team. Who are we sending to meet them?"

Hanzo master did not turn his gaze which looked longing into the city, nor did he speak. Ichirou knew that he would have to take care of this himself and returned his eyes to the road ahead as he unmuted the call. "I will meet your team, at Lou's Tattoos Downtown. Tonight, in three hours. The Oyabun is personally putting this task in your hands, do not fail him." with that he ended the call.

Answering the Kark's call cowboy spoke with a joy to his tone that was in stark contrast to the mater of fact manner that Ichirou had taken. "Anata no akusento wa haruka ni yoku natte imasu Ban-san. Ichi-Byōkan hōrudo shite, Watashi wa Akurosan ga watashi no tame ni hon'yaku suru yō ni naru." though Kark's japanesse was better spoken than understood and cowboy spoke in a natural rhythm Kark understood that Cowboy was happy to hear from him and he was bringing Akuro his female companion in to the conversation. Akuro's icon appeared in next to the dancing cowboy in Kark's AR a moment before she spoke. "Cowboy says that you accent is improving and you are in need of a crew for a job. Please tell us of this job."


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