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Thats 2.

Sum is fine by me, I also prefer it as well. When making the characters I would prefer Priority or sum, your choice.

Rockin.  What city/region are we gonna be in?

Looks like the face slot has gone so I'll take matrix then

Thats 3, now just looking at potential muscle in case the dreck hit the fan?

I was going to go for Seattle since we have so much information on the city already.

Also because I feel that matrix has a few holes in the way it is presented in the fluff of 5th edition please ask lots of questions in OOC about the Fluff for you character and how I interpret things. I tend to try not to hand wave as much so that it feels more realistic.

Here are some things that should be noted:

1. Legitimate users can request to have an invited mark so they may enter the host. The Host will then access a file that gives it the SINs of legitimate users so that it know who can have the invite. If your SIN matches the one on file then you would get a number of invites that the file says you can have. This file is inside the host.

2. "Owner" is linked to SIN and uses the SIN of a person to identify who is the owner. So SINless individuals can not be owners. Fake SINs can be used however. Since Owner is linked to a SIN this means that you may have multiple owner credentials for deferent devices. Personas are registered through GOD via the ownership credentials of the Device running the persona. This means that it is possible to have multiple personas active at the same time but since operating a persona is tasking you may only be using one at a time. Switching to a different persona requires a free action. Otherwise you could not have your deck on at the same time as your commlink. Living personas have no owner as they are not registered with GOD though they do act as an unregistered owner for task that need an owner to do.

3. Any Icon that is slaved to a host or part of it is not visible to those outside a host and icons outside a host are not visible to those inside a host. So if you see a camera that you can not find running silent or see it's icon and the building has a host. It is either hard wired or is slaved to the host.

4. Though Commlinks, RCC's, And Decks are devices they usually can not be the slave in a master slave relationship. You can slave any device to a Deck and Host. Commlinks and RCC's can only be slaved to a deck. RCC's can only slave vehicle devices this includes drones. If you nest networks, I.e. you slave a device to a commlink and then to a Deck you may use the Decks firewall to protect the device. This means that decks can use nested architecture to protect more devices than it rating by using the processing power of other devices.

I'm not sure of which of your things to post on and so I'm going to just go ahead and try both and risk getting yelled at.

I wish to also play this game, however I have yet to have the opportunity to play in a shadowrun game. I have the Core rules, and an idea for a character but I'm not sure if you'd want her. Sort of basic-ish Combat Adept, I designed her as strait Adept and I would prefer that I could keep her like that. I saw that you needed muscle and thought she might be a good fit. (also all the other characters that I have personalities for and have any sort of thinking out are a rigger and a technomancer so that)

I've got a name and a basic description if you'd like, oh and also I could force Mystic Adept by bumping priority if you absolutely must have a caster and tag around her stats a bit to do a little better but, yha.

call her Avalanche- Troll Adept


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