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So it looks like the game is dead so I'll not be checking up daily anymore. Can someone pm me if we get rolling again as I'll get an email notification that way and will come straight back to the action. Cheers

I'll let you know brother.

So life has still not gotten better at this point. We lost one of our brothers while we where rally and the funeral was pretty rough. I have had to drop some of my online activity as I make some drastic life changes to focus on the real world, which is looking too much like game right now for me to deal. That being said I am going to finish this story arch out and then will have to drop the game. I need to take a break from SR to focus IRL, this is the last game I will be cutting as I move forward. I will make effort to post this week as it will be a somewhat free week, recovering the store from Gencon, for me until after Sturgis and then life will become very complicated and posting will slow a bit.


Fuck, that's rough mate. No drama if you wanna wrap this one up. You need to get yourself in a good place first

np at all Red. I just got back from "vacation" myself where we also had an unexpected death in the immediate family that forced us to cut our vacation short.

then another death in the family when we got back stateside.

it's been brutal

all the best mate


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