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This is the OOC group for the game talked about here.

Really looking forward to building the game with whoever wishes to join. I will be limiting this to four characters for the online game and would like to see only no more than 1 mage type, 1 decker type, and 1 rigger type. Everyone should think of a secondary skill set for their character and B&E specialist would be good no matter what.

I will start looking at the house rules and options I will use fore the game now but I will go over a few that may make you choice of character different.

For tank style characters, because this is a deadly game I limit Armor augmentations like any other augments and restrict it to a maximum of +4 max. This is just for augments and not for armor and encumbrance which is still by the book. I also up the damage codes of all weapons by 4. Did I mention combat in my games is deadly.

I do not use the Ammo specific called shot (Ammo Whammy) or the Specific Target called shots (Location, Location, Location) form Run and Gun. I do use RG1: No Action Phase Attack Limit so we watch recoil and RG2: Target size modifiers.

I also use the spirit index for Summoners and background counts are more common in my game as magic ebbs and flows a lot.

Now All of that being said many of my players only see combat once every 3-4 game sessions and they tend to be ambushers and end them quick and decisively. The barrens is a rough place where random violence does happen so intimidation is usually the key to keeping people from trying to commit said random violence upon you. The barrens will fell very dangerous as it does in the fluff.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

i'd play a face adept doppleganger type

Since I feel that some sort of spellslinger backup is good for a team I will lift the only 1 for this concept. I would really like to see the face adept doppleganger in a game. Thats 1.

id play a pure adept, not a mystic adept ;-)

Will we be utilizing Priority or Sum-to-Ten?  I personally prefer Sum, but either way is fine. 

I'll grab the Rigger spot.


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