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Please post your sheets below, or a placeholder where you will later post your sheet. Do not post again until everyone has a post or placeholder up. You may continue to use the recruitment thread for discussion in the meantime.

Gingivitis has a useful narration aid. It includes some house rules, most of which we will be using because they plug holes in the written rules. See here:

House Rules
1) Assault Rifles are -2 at Near ranges. This is to provide a use-case for SMGs and machine pistols.
2) An individual piece of bioware and cyberware will never cost more than its base Essence, even if you upgrade it. Cyberarms will never cost more than 1 Essence, for example, no matter what their shadow amp level is. This is to provide mundane characters an equal opportunity to advance as Awakekend characters without being limited by Essence.
3) Spirits in the book are basically Prime Runners in terms of dice pools. They are now "Greater Spirits". Regular spirits will be the posted spirits with -2 to all attributes. Lesser spirits will be the posted spirits with -4 to all attributes. Everything else - armor, powers, etc. - will remain the same. Lesser spirits will resist summoning with 4 dice. Regular spirits will resist with 8 dice. Greater spirits will resist with 12 dice.

Rolls and OOC discussion go in this thread. Keep the IC thread neat and tidy with the narrative action. Don't put spoilers in the IC thread unless you're trying to accomplish something specific, like a message to a specific person. Alternatively you could PM them and CC me, but don't stress out too much about OOC/IC transference. We'll try to be realistic, but it's a game.

We'll use for dice rolling. If you don't have an account, now's the time. I regularly check dice rolls. If a dice roll needs to get adjusted, we'll usually just drop dice off the end of the roll. Exploit/Glitch dice will have to be rolled separately. List out your dice pool in the "Description" field, like "Agility 6 + Stealth 4 + Catlike 2". When the roll is complete, click the "bbcode" link just below the results. That will give you code that you can copy and paste directly here. It's very tidy. Here's an example:

Agility 6 + Stealth 4 + Catlike 2: 12d6t5 4 hits

I add the word "hits" manually because I'm excessively orderly and fussy. You don't have to do so.

I will make a suggestion for "Table Talk" times: if you are concerned that your IC post might be ninja'd by someone else's IC post, especially if you're introducing new plots elements or directions, announce, in the OOC forum, that you are writing an IC post. Hopefully this will keep plot ninja'ing to a minimum.

Posting expectations: I will check the thread every weekday. The hope is that you do the same. You do not have to post every weekday, especially if the action is on someone else, but ideally you will be checking in daily.

If the IC action is specifically to you, you have 24 hours (again, weekends and holidays don't count) to either post ICly or asking clarifying questions OOCly. After that, you get another 24 hours. If you still haven't posted, we will move on and your character will pick his (or her) nose until you catch up.

If you go a week without posting (ICly or OOCly) and without telling me, you'll get a warning. If you go a second week without posting and without telling me, then your character will die ignominiously. "But Tec," I hear you saying, "What if I go on vacation? Or get deployed?" That's 100% fine, as long as you tell the group. Nothing rankles a PbP GM as unexplained disappearances. If you can't hack it, that's fine. Just announce your withdrawal and we'll figure out a heroic way for you to die, or to transition into your non-Wildcat life.

Anarchy is not an excuse to be pink mohawk. If anything, it's the opposite. Anarchy is actually more deadly than SR5 because armor doesn't continually soak. Armor is additional hit points, and once it's gone it's gone (until repaired). So your snazzy armor isn't soaking 4 boxes off every attack forever and ever. It soaks 12 boxes and then you might as well be in your soft, pink underwear. So have fun, because Wildcats are badass, but don't transcend to silliness. Rich, not gaudy.

Posts are the lifeblood of play-by-post. You will earn karma (or a fraction of a point, at least) with every single IC post. You earn additional karma through roleplaying, acting in character, using your cues, making people laugh, advancing the plot, etc.

Things to expect from me
1) Pretentious literary allusions;
2) Dry wit; and,
3) I will not try to kill your character, but nor am I trying to save you.

Things not to expect from me
A) Realistic knowledge of the military;
B) Realistic knowledge of Midwestern geography, other than what I learn on Google Maps; and,
C) Realistic knowledge about Sioux culture.

These are my preferred text formats, but I am not dogmatic about it as long as it's clear what you're trying to do:
"This is verbal speech."
This is my internal monologue. Cogito, ergo sum.
<<This is Matrix or DNI communication.>>
This is astral communication, should it come up.
If you want to speak subvocally, you can choose another color or just make it clear that's what you're doing with regular speech.

Post your sheets now. Let me know if you have any questions.

Jayde Moon:
Name: CPT Chante Wapun
Tribe: Lakota
Tags: Elf, Natural Leader, Mage, Gunbunny
Cues: "They aren't 'assets', they're people."  "If you want the tribe to follow, you've got to get in front."  "You think I'll fall on my face, I'd rather knock you on your ass."  "It's go time."  "It won't stay dawn forever."

STR: 5
AGI: 7
WIL: 6
LOG: 3
CHA: 6
Edge: 6

Condition Monitors
Physical: 11
Stun: 11
Armor: 12

(AGI) Athletics: 2
(AGI) Close Combat (Tomahawks): 6 (8)
(AGI) Projectile Weapons: 5
(AGI) Firearms: 5
(AGI) Heavy Weapons: 2
(AGI) Vehicle Weapons: 2
(AGI) Stealth: 2
(AGI) Pilot (Ground): 2
(AGI) Pilot (Other): 2
(AGI) Escape artist: 2
(WIL) Conjuring: 3
(WIL) Sorcery: 5
(WIL) Astral Combat: 2
(WIL) Survival: 2
(LOG) Biotech: 2
(LOG) Hacking: 2
(LOG) Electronics: 2
(LOG) Engineering: 2
(LOG) Tracking: 2
(CHA) Con: 2
(CHA) Intimidation: 2
(CHA) Negotiation: 2
(CHA) Disguise: 2

Knowledge: Astral Topography
Languages: English, Plains Sign Language, Lakota

Shadow Amps
Natural Leader (3): Gift Plot Points or Edge to other Players, Direct - Expanded Teamwork Tests (distance, combat)
Buff Magic (2): Increase Reflexes: Gain 1 Attack
Illusion (2): Invisibility
Mentalism (1): Hypnotic Suggestion
Weapon Foci (1): Paired Tomahawks
Sustaining Foci (2): Allows sustaining of a second spell
Ally Spirit (0): None - Placeholder

Positive Qualities
Indomitable: Blades
Lucky: +1 Edge

Negative Qualities
SINner (Sioux Nation)
Warrior's Code


Plastic Restraints (50)
Ares Assault Scan 1502p (Rating 6 Sensor array)

* Atmosphere Sensor
* Geiger Counter
* Laser Range Finder
* Radio Signal Scanner
* Ultrasound
* Gridguide ReceiverSurvival Kit
Climbing Gear


Close: Cavalier Arms Tomahawk (Paired)
Long: Ares Alpha w/ Flashbangs (Motion Sensor)

Vehicles and Drones



Paytah 'Peter' Venom-Spitter Tiošpaye Smuggler - a Coyote that runs between the Sioux Nation and UCAS
George Shambling Bear Bear Shaman - a venerable bear shaman
COL Zuya Yellow Spear SDF Officer - A well connected and decorated Officer, on the short list for War Chief.

Roughly translated to 'Dawn of my Heart', Chante still bears her adolescent name, given to her by her father.  The time hasn't come to change, though that's something she hopes will come soon.  Choosing to stay on after her eventful conscription, Chante's skills and natural charm placed her as a Cadet and she graduated near the head of her class.  She fast tracked to Captain and applied for the rigorous training that would make her one of the infamous Wildcats.  Pushing through the training through sheer force of will, she was recently inducted into their ranks.

Common Rolls:
Tomahawks Melee: AGI (7) + Close Combat (6) + Specialization (2) + Qualities (4) = 19 dice 7P  Close only
Tomahawks Thrown: AGI (7) + Projectile Weapons (5) = 12 dice 6P -2@Near Range
Flashbangs Heavy: AGI (7) + Heavy (2) = 9 dice 8S Close and Near OK
Ares Alpha: AGI (7) + Firearms (5) = 12 dice. 8P -2@Far Range
Underbarrel: AGI (7) + Heavy (2) = 9 dice.  12P
Sorcery: WILL (6) + Sorcery (5) = 11 dice.
Summon: WILL (6) + Conjuring (3) = 9 dice.
Perception: LOG (4) + WILL (6) = 10 dice.

Karma: 7

1 Karma - Weapon Foci [Amp Level 1]
2 Karma - Close Combat (Tomahawks) specialization
3 Karma - Sustaining Focus [Amp Level 2]
6 Total Karma

1 Karma in the Bank

Name: Shiriki Looney
Tribe: Pawnee
Tags: Elf, Rigger, Decker
Cues: "Strap in, shut up, hold on."  "With all due respect, sir, I got cyberware older'n you."  "You wanna be right, or you wanna win?"  "MARKs are for chumps.  Crack it, smack it, move on with your life."  "If you plant ice, you're going to harvest wind."  "I ever tell you about the time I met Daniel Howling Coyote?"

STR: 4
AGI: 8
WIL: 6
LOG: 6 (7)
CHA: 3
Edge: 2
Essence: 0.5

Condition Monitors
Physical: 0/10
Stun: 0/11

(AGI) Athletics: 2
(AGI) Close Combat: 2
(AGI) Projectile Weapons: 2
(AGI) Firearms: 2
(AGI) Heavy Weapons: 2
(AGI) Vehicle Weapons: 6 (Assault Rifles)
(AGI) Stealth: 3
(AGI) Pilot (Ground): 3
(AGI) Pilot (Other): 5
(AGI) Escape artist: 2
(WIL) Survival: 2
(LOG) Biotech: 2
(LOG) Hacking: 5
(LOG) Electronics: 2
(LOG) Engineering: 3
(LOG) Tracking: 2
(CHA) Con: 2
(CHA) Intimidation: 2
(CHA) Negotiation: 2
(CHA) Disguise: 2

Knowledge: N. American History
Languages: English, Plains Sign Language, Pawnee

Shadow Amps
Cerebral Booster (3): +1 re-roll LOG related tests = +1 LOG tests
Control Rig 1 (2): +1 Vehicle test, +1 Reroll = +2 Vehicle tests
Datajack (1): Access Matrix in VR
Wired Reflexes 2 (3): +1 Attack, +1 Plot Point per Scene
Custom Gun Drones 2 (3): +2 Attacks/Movement with Gun Drones
Smartlink (2): +1 to Firearms rolls

Positive Qualities
Combat Pilot: +2 dice on Piloting (Other) tests
Exceptional Attribute (AGI): AGI capped at 8 instead of 7
Lucky: +1 Edge

Negative Qualities
SINner (Sioux Nation)
Phobia: Para-critters

Area Jammer
Maglock Passkey
Satellite Uplink
Medicine Bag
Repair Kit

Close: Survival Knife
Side: Ares Predator III
Long: Drone Machine Gun

Vehicles and Drones

MCT-Nissan Rotodrone
+ A: 9, D: 10
+ Assault Rifle 8P Close: OK Near: OK Far: -2

MCT Fly Spy (X2)
+A: 5, D: 4


Buddy LaCroix -- An airfield tower operator, Buddy knows who and what is coming into and going from the base in Cheyenne at all hours.  Want to take a girl out for a midnight run, and impress her with your piloting skills?  Buddy can make that happen, and make sure it never hits the books.

Eliza Ashton -- she's ok for an anglo.  Almost.  Shiriki is a widower, and his wife will always have his heart, but Eliza's good for a game of darts and a few gallons of beer.  Maybe people open up around her because she's got no pull, or maybe it's because she just has a way of making them feel at ease, but if there's dirt to be found on anyone, chances are she knows about it.  Probably no telling if it's true, though.

Margueritte White Owl -- Shiriki's fairly certain this one's a smuggler, and she must be damn good at her job too because he's never had the pleasure of trashing one of her crafts.  They mostly know each other from round-the-way, but they really become friends over a pilot sim down at the local watering hole.  Right now she's got the high score.  That gets in his craw about as bad as anything, but if someone's gonna best him, he's glad it's Margueritte. 

Shiriki's parents were displaced in 2009 when the US government seized all native lands.  Oil and gas interests had long been a fixture on the Pawnee reservation, even more so after the Resource Rush begins in 2000, but for Shiriki's already politicized parents, this is the final straw and they travel north to South Dakota to become soldiers for the Sovereign American Indian Movement.

Shiriki is born in 2013, one of the earliest UGE babies.  He is given a suitably nationalistic name.  Due to his metatype and the rise of magic, Shiriki's parents have very high hopes for him becoming a shaman.

2017, Shiriki's mother dies in the Great Ghost Dance.  This is a great source of pride for Shiriki, as the Pawnee were also involved in the Ghost Dance of 1890.  Of course, for a four-year-old, the only thing he cared about at the time was the fact that he lost his mom.  The following year, when the Treaty of Denver is signed, Shiriki and his father move to the newly formed SSC and settle in Boise.

By 2029 Shiriki is 16 years-old and still hasn't Awakened.  This is a major blow to him, as it seems as though he will never be able to live up to, or repay the image of his powerful and self-sacrificing mother.  He is very mechanically and technically inclined, however, and seeks refuge on the burgeoning matrix whenever possible, as it's the one place where he feels capable and in control.  I think you see where this is going.  When the crash hits, Shiriki takes it very hard, and in the crumbling world around him he sees little of the optimism and promise of his youth.  He leaves home and travels west to the Sinsearach lands, thinking he might find a home among his own "kind." 

By 2032 infighting in the Sinsearach, the primacy placed on magic users there, and a sort of imagined elvish cosmology that breaks with tribal traditions does little to assuage Shiriki's feelings of alienation.  Disenchanted, he takes to a life on the road.

2034, Shiriki has taken work as a dirigible pilot between the SSC and the Sioux Nation.  When Aztlan invades Texas, he thinks that things are likely to heat up soon.  Since the Sioux Nation has always been at the forefront of protecting native interests, Shiriki petitions to join the Sioux military in exchange for citizenship.  His application is accepted.  Of course, the NAN refuses to step in, the Azzies withdraw from the NAN, but Shiriki's military career begins.

2050, with the advent of the first keyboard-sized cyberdecks, Shiriki gets his first piece of headware.  Simsense increases his capabilities as an intelligence officer on larger aircrafts, but Shiriki soon discovers the less legal joys of simsense soon after.

2054, Shiriki becomes a drone rigger for the Sioux military, primarily working from the capital city of Cheyenne.  The bigger city placement, combined with the more sedentary job exacerbates his addiction to simsense.

2060, Shiriki is relocated with a Sioux military contingent outside of Seattle in response to UCAS buildup there related to the Renraku Arcology disaster.  The more spartan accommodations, the smell of war, and the brotherhood of warriors inspires Shiriki to kick his BTL habit, invest more strongly in his physical health, and throw himself into his work.  The war never starts, but his better habits take root.

2065, Shiriki is assigned to an active SDF unit  based out of Rapid City.  For the next few years he spends weeks at a time out on patrols where he is the senior intelligence officer, tasked primarily with spotting and then shooting down smuggler's crafts.  He repeatedly applies to Wildcat school, and is repeatedly denied.

2070, with the new Wireless matrix, Shiriki upgrades his ware and volunteers for testing the new tech's military application.  Thankfully, he doesn't fry his brain.

2072, Shiriki is offered an instructor's position in the SDF.  He accepts a 4 year term with the understanding that his Wildcat application will be reviewed upon completion.

2076ish, Shiriki is accepted in the Wildcats.

Common Rolls:
Initiative: Prime Runner (8) + Wired Reflexes 2 (1) = 9 dice.
Meat Body Shooting: AGI (8) + Firearms (2) + Smartlink (1) = 11 dice.  2 Attacks per Narration (Wired Reflexes 2)
Meat Body Defense: AGI (8) + LOG (6) + Cerebral Booster (1)  = 15 dice.
Drone Shooting: AGI (8) + Vehicle Weapons (6) + Assault Rifle Spec (2) + Control Rig (2) + VR (1) + Smartlink (1) = 20 dice.  3 Attacks per Narration (Wired Reflexes 2, Control Rig 1)
Drone Defense: AGI (8) + LOG (6) + Cerebral booster (1) + Control Rig (2) + Combat Pilot (2) + VR (1) = 20 dice.
Drone Piloting: AGI (8) + Pilot (5) + Control Rig (2) + Combat Pilot (2) + VR (1) = 18 dice.
Drone Stealth: AGI (8) + Stealth (3) + Control Rig (2) + Combat Pilot (2) + VR (1) = 16 dice.
Hacking: LOG (6) + Hacking (5) + Cerebral Booster (1) + VR (1) = 13 dice.
Hacking Defense: LOG (6) + Cerebral Booster (1) = 7 dice.

Swoopy (let me know if emergency PC requirements need a character change before go time; I like that Anarchy characters can be brewed in a few minutes)

Name: Dave “Swoopy” Rybacki
Tags CSAR, Stoic, First time with the cats
Cues “Not dead yet.” “WHY are we letting them know we’re here?” “Ok, so explain this to me…”

Concept: Dave has worked with the Sioux nations Combat Search and Rescue as an operator for four years now. While pilot rescue is CSAR’s primary job, it is not uncommon for guys to be seconded over to the wildcats where they serve as impromptu field medics, personnel recovery specialists, and just as importantly, people who understand that air stuff a bit better than the typical ground pounder. As fewer and fewer Sioux manned aircraft are going down in contested area, there has been a big push by the CSAR community to remain relevant – and funded. Dave is part of a recent wave of CSAR operators assigned to the wildcats as specialist support; a joint course on radars he took to speed up promotion two years back flagged in his file and is coming to bite him in the ass now… 

Human (+1 Skill, +1 Edge)

Base Attributes

P Track 0/12
S Track 0/12


(AGI) Athletics: 4
(AGI) Close Combat: 2
(AGI) Projectile Weapons: 2
(AGI) Firearms: 4
(AGI) Heavy Weapons: 2
(AGI) Vehicle Weapons: 2
(AGI) Stealth: 5
(AGI) Pilot (Ground): 2
(AGI) Pilot (Other): 2
(AGI) Escape artist: 2
(WIL) Survival: 4 (Short Term – 6)
(LOG) Biotech: 5 (Trauma Care - 7)
(LOG) Hacking: 2
(LOG) Electronics: 2
(LOG) Engineering: 2
(LOG) Tracking: 2 (Metahuman – 4)
(CHA) Con: 2
(CHA) Intimidation: 2
(CHA) Negotiation: 2
(CHA) Disguise: 2

Personnel Recovery; Crisis Psychology…and 80 hours of matrix learning on air search radars…

Languages: Standard

Synaptic Booster 2 (4) - +1 ATK, + 1 PP
Fine Motor Muscle Steadying (uses ‘Bioware Arms”) 2 (4) – Re-roll 2x AGI dice IF related to hand-eye coordination…no say, somersaults
Chameleon Suit Upgrade (2) – Re-Roll 2x Stealth
Synthacardium (3) – Re-Roll 1x Athletics
+ 1 Edge



Tough – Resist 1 extra damage
Guts – Re-roll 2 dice to resist fear/intimidation/etc.


Sioux Sinner

Bias against Emission (not taking a positive, just like the idea): Requires WIL+LOG test (GM difficulty) to turn on emitting tech. On the modern battlefield, turning on your cyberware outside friendly EW coverage means you’re found almost immediately by enemy EM searches, and the shells are going to come shortly thereafter. Since pilot recovery is almost always outside friendly EW coverage and inside the enemy search zone – lets just say the CSAR types have a mantra against it.

Burst transmission link
Air/Ground Marking and Designation Kit
Multi-Tool Cutting Bar/Door Punch
Signature Suppressant FAB spray
The Best Damn Packet of SERE Information in the target area that his old friends could provide.

Browning Hi-Power w/ Detachable silencer
Colt M23 w/ Detachable silencer

Pap Renvela:
Ité YeyΆ (Hurls-at-the-Face)                 
Wildcat Combat Decker
Sioux Nation, Lakota Tribe, Itázipčho Band (aka Sans Arcs: "without bows")   
Male Troll 2.2m 280kg             
STR 9 AGI 5 WIL5 LOG 5 CHA 3 EDG 6                 
When in doubt, hack the world.                 
If hacking don't work, smashing in his face does wonders.                 
Wankan Tanka, Widcats, Country.               
Close Combat 3 DP8                 
Electronics 6 DP 11 (+1 Matrix action)                 
Hacking[Computer Hacking] 6[+2] DP14[16]                 
Knowledge: Language: Or'zet, Plains Sign Language, Lakota.                 
Other, non-magic/resonance: 2 DP varies                 
Projectile Weapons 6 DP 11     
Shadowamps [Essence 5]                 
^Datajack and Headware (Amp Level 1): May access the                 
Matrix via full VR, +1 die to Matrix actions. –1 Essence                 
^Fairlight Excalibur(Amp Level 4): May reroll 2 dice on Matrix                 
actions, Firewall +3, Matrix Condition Monitor 12, may                 
run 2 programs at a time.                   
^Biofeedback (program) (Amp Level 2): Deal Cybercombat                 
damage to your opponent’s physical or Matrix                 
condition monitors.                 
^Exploit (program) (Amp Level 2): May reroll two dice on                 
non-Cybercombat hacking tests.             
We'll see who's ugly after I smash in your face.                 
The Great Mysteries and technology have created somethin' perfect. Me.                 
I'm an artist and my canvas is the Matrix. Don't rush me.                 
Alright, alright! I'm hurryin'.                 
Nothin' a good grenade toss can't fix.                 
I'm givin' her all she's got.                 
Sure I can pronounce a 'g', don't mean I have to.                 
Negative: Sinner(Sioux Nation)                 
Negative: Phobia(Arachnids)                 
Positive: Codeslinger (+2 dice to Hacking Tests)                 
Positive: Catlike (+2 dice stealth tests)                 
Positive: Indomitable (Projectile Weapons)                 
When attacking with projectile weapons may reroll exactly 2 dice.             
Katana 8P                 
Bow & Arrow 6P Close -2 Near Ok Far -2                 
Stun Grenades 8S Close Ok* Near Ok* Far N/A                 
Armor 15 (12 + 3 Natural)                 
PhyMon 13                 
StunMon 11                 
Electronic Toolkit                 
Smoke Grenades                 
Area Signal Jammer
Satellite link           
Sitting Woman, Sioux Shaman                 
Eddie Crazy Fox, Decker/Info-Broker     


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