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Anna continues working on the feet, and when bnc mentions other men Anna replies "shhh... only happy thoughts". After a while, when she feels that bnc is relaxed  enough  Anna said "Now you are in for a treat.". She then placed bnc's toe in her mouth and gently sucked it.

She grabs Anna by her hair in an almost masculine fashion and pulls lightly.
"Barbie girl, agent Special K starts working. I don't know about you, but I don't have no clit on my toe. Come here, and show me what a girl can do..."

Anna replied "Ooo, let's get you undressed then.", she grinned and b unbuttoned bnc's jeans, pulling them out. She felt aroused and excited, she placed her mouth on bnc's panties, "They smell delicious" she gently bit the panties and then pulled them down the panties with her mouth, helping herself just a little bit with her hands. 

Slobber knocks on the door loudly

"Keep it down!"

[spoiler]I get that this place is a ghost town, but use private messages for this, you dummies.[/spoiler]

"Shut it, Slob. This ain't no good place for a Sobertooth."

[spoiler]You perv shouldn't spy on girls in ghost towns, dude ;)[/spoiler]


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