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"My lips are sealed Sprinklers..." she said.

"That's not what I meant. I meant ... I've never done this before. Make it all right, d'accord?"

Anna grinned "I take it you do not mean mixing chemicals." She paused and then said "Come, here sweetie, I will be gentle." She embraced the skinny decker and then leaned in to softly kiss her.

For an instant, bnc just lets her come closer, then she pushes her away. "Woah, easy. I'm not ready yet. Jeez, hoo..."
She takes a step back. "Uh, sorry. That wasn't meant to be rude. I just..."
bnc hesitates, thinks. "You're just not my type, really. And ... I wanna do it anyway. Jeez, I sound like a pup. And like a chipsie. And maybe I am. Both.

bnc takes up the straw to sniff in the Ket and Tussy.

Anna's smile widened "Mindfuck it is Sprinklers... Take me to the moon." she augmented bnc's charisma and then took a straw and sniffed the drugs. "Feeling sexier doll?" she asked. She was not certain how long she could sustain the spell but once she drops it both of them will be in a different state of mind.


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