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As bnc enters, her mood seems a bit better then before. She's still wearing occasional clothes (though she changed): tight pants, some shirt (you guess) and a hoodie over it. Her hair is still damp and she smells of shampoo. In her hands, she holds two tins.
"Sorry 'bout earlier. I brought Pepper Plus. May I...?"
She enters the room and looks around. "Can we stick to bnc while we're her? Ruth is among the chi- ugliest names I've ever heard of..."

[spoiler]Has she already begun decorating the room? What's she wearing?

Anna was wearing the same clothes she wore since morning, she showered just two hours ago so she did not feel the need to shower again. She was wearing a black shirt of a local rock band and a tight jeans and her hair was braided into a clean braid. The neck of her shirt is hand cut to make the shirt more comfortable and it hints a black bra underneath. If at the heat of the night Anna appeared rich and successful right now she is dressed modestly.

Anna's room is already set up and she even decorated the walls with some posters that were clearly moved and removed more than once. Her cloths are neatly stored in the closet and her professional cosmetic kit is already deployed by the mirror in some improvised manner. On the bed there is an average guitar that is clearly worn out due to extensive use.

"Sure thing bnc, I was just practicing so that I remember all the names. I've never crossed an international border before."  She took the pepper plus sat on the bed and invited bnc to do the same, there were a couple of chairs in the apartment by the 'kitchen' area so she could also seat there. Anna added  " Besides... Roberta also  seems kind of a chinky name. It is like someone forced that name to be feminine with a gun to its head." she said grinning and shortly after added  "cheers... !"

"Neither have I...", bnc answers somewhat dryly, knowing that she had already introduced herself an Austrian. She threw her the can of Pepper Plus and opened up her own.

--- Quote from: gilga on ---" Besides... Roberta also  seems kind of a chinky name. It is like someone forced that name to be feminine with a gun to its head." she said grinning and shortly after added  "cheers... !"

--- End quote ---

"Damn right you are. Santé, honey."

bnc takes a sip of the coke and synthahol, then lets herself fall on Anna's bed without waiting for an invitation (let alone asking for it).
"Now, how does this work. I never did something like this. Do I have to undress? Or do you just analyze me with those stylist eyes of yours?"

Anna was happy to notice that bnc felt comfortable and she took a large sip from the alcoholic drink, trying to feel its buz.  "Oh, definitely strip baby... it will fit you so much better like that.". She felt excited, she knew that it was all a business but yet there was the anticipation of getting the young decker out of her street clothes (and into something stylish?)
She took out her glasses and asked " Do you need some device for AR? Silly of me to worry for the decker to see AR right?" she smiled a silly inviting smile and donned her glasses.

bnc raises an eyebrow.
"Is this a professional necessity?" She can't quite fight down a grin, but then her look trails over Anna's almost perfect body. Her own body is scrawny: Her cheeks are hollow, her arms boney and thin, her hips stand forth. Anna doesn't need to be a fashion expert to see that she's wearing push-ups. Otherwise, she'd be flat as a board.
"Uhm, is it..?"

bnc casts an uncertain glance at her Pepper Plus.

(She doesn't answer to the question regarding her AR sight since she's already told Anna yesterday that she's got a DNI. Only if she asks again, will she confirm with a remarkable botch of sarcasm.)


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