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It is a new knowledge for me and I believe that everyone who has read this content must get something that is not very useful, certainly.

Iím interested! Iím on my phone at a mechanics right now so I wonít be posting anything serious until later, and I have the added caveat of occasional stretches that I have no access to any internet at all as I work with the armed forces and they frown upon play by Post while on exercises.

Please look forward to my mage showing his face again with some inevitable tinkering later tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

I seen the post got the PDF and read it.
I see the original post is pretty old.
I would be interested.
If someone dropped the Technomancer I would love to play one.
But I would be willing to play most any position.

What level would we play?

If your still interested in running a game?

Folks, this posting is 15 months old. BixSexy hasn't been online in a year. (One year exactly today.)

If you want to play, form a game of your own.


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