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Hi welcome, it is still a work in progress, this post is to be used as a cheat sheet to all the resources we need. First check that your characters are updated and if they are not - I will appreciate it if you set the referenced post to the newest version also make sure that you have your back story and contacts figured out.


Characters and players:
1. Jack_Spade Kynos ex-military Jarhead - charsheet
2. Mulcarn - Sovereign , Black Mage - charsheet
3. Kuirem - Wheely, Sophisticated Rigger charsheet
4. Raiderjoseph  ????, a one punch troll charsheet
5. Stuttrboy, Shiba Ayato,  transhuman adept charsheet
6. Ennui, Irris, a thrill seeking ex-military from Tir. charsheet
7. Imaldir - Nyx, A face that breaths fire  - charsheet
8. Mercy - Nicole Monet, An axe wielding surgeon, charsheet

No longer playing cool as NPCs 
1. Bartleby - Roxxy - Troll disco diva and technomancer - charsheet
2. Triskavanski - Papa Ratzy charsheet
3.  WNxTyr4el  - Aiden Pirce - charsheet
4. Crossbow - Flatline -  human mage/medic charsheet
7. All4BigGuns Serge-  Medic and Pistoleer charsheet
9. Spitfire - Spitfire Decker charsheet+Story
10. Obidancer - Big Jim charsheet + Story
11. Jayde Moon - Barrens Courier, Cat Mentor Adept. charsheet
12. Shaman_Yuri - Minnie,  Mouse adept story charsheet
13. Mercy Merchant - Athos, Troll Shooter charsheet

Do you have any NPC contacts you would prefer us to use?  I'm happy to make them up but most game masters I know prefer to have at least an established fixer.

I have no organized list but feel free to make your own some of them will evolve to NPC's in this game and the ones used you will get for free providing you are polite to them and fulfill their jobs.


I've still got some Karma left - can the veterans spend it or do we pick up where we left?

I am still undecided exactly where we pick up, the challenge is to try and integrate everyone to the story. Feel free to spend the karma you have though, I am also thinking of how to allow downtime between runs so that karma can be spent and I think it can also give you some time to RP the day to day.


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