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         While it is easy to get wrapped up in your own little world, there is a larger world beyond you that is moving along too.  Things are happening in Seattle, some of the things impact your world, but only on the edges.  Seems like every other thing you hear or read these days has to do with tempo, drugs, or the fallout from the recent “restructuring” of the criminal underworld. It’s been a dangerous few months, even though you have managed to miss most of it, with every major and minor player in the sprawl fighting tooth-and-nail for their place.

   Clementine actually received a job offer that had the potential to return her to her former position, only the find her possible employer and his entire clan removed from consideration, as well as this mortal coil, in a fiery confrontation on the waterfront before she could even return the call.

   Snow’s Vory continue to be keeping to edges of the conflict, any serious notice from the dysfunctional families of the Mafia or the feuding Oriental syndicates having the potential to remove them from the game entirely.  Her researcher’s eye has picked up the thread of this strategy in the work she has been tasked with, including this potential ally from foreign shores she is to meet.

   But, not incredibly unsurprisingly, it is the lowlife and danger filled world of the Bullet Storm O’Conner that has the biggest change.   His old buddies and current targets of choice, the Azure Fists, seemed to have disappeared entirely.  The mysterious absence was finally explained the night before when Darryl spotted one of the members with his flame motif absorbed into another organization's colors.  Some short (no jokes) legwork later confirmed the news.  The Fists had been absorbed into the Halloweeners, they were apparently the latest attempt by the larger gang to get a foothold (fisthold?) into the Barrens.  The dwarf had delivered his info personally to his friend, along with some Caustic Kaf and a PsoydoBagel.  The adept having received his latest magical drubbing the night before after delivering a Gyro Platter to the Park, and another on the calendar for tonight (shrimp scampi).

   Even the news is obsessed with tempo, and it seems like right now, every trid channel is covering yet another tempo-fueled crime spree. Outside, the acid rain is pouring down, and the automated weather service has just put out a warning on the chance of sleet tonight. All in all, it’s a miserable Saturday morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to just get away from it all?  That is certainly the thought that Torley and Sammy must be having while they wait for a Club message to be delivered to their table at the upscale breakfast nook they were ordered be at.

   The message?   “Special request from a Ms. Johnson, a second to a fellow Club member. She has a need for a team to accompany her on a trip overseas, somewhere tropical. She wants to meet tonight, at the 77 Club in Renton. There is a room reserved for 5 o’clock.”  Included is an address and a code signal for entry.

"That's direct enough," Sammy remarked, while wondering how she was going to explain this to Marcus.  They had started speaking again and now she would be leaving already.  Not to mention the fact that her appartment would probably become a permanent party place and he wouldn't go to school at all.  She wondered who she could ask to look after him.
"I guess we better warn the others," she added, while going on the public site of the club and not finding much, except that it was private, "That club looks like it has a dress code, so Connor will need a lot of lead time to make sure he's presentable."

O'Connor was staring out his window up at the dreary clouds contemplating his next move. He was at an impasse, and uncertain of how to proceed. The Azure Fists becoming a subset of the Halloweeners was not something he had seen coming. The message they left on Angus' corpse, "You ain't the only one hunting anymore bitch," suddenly had a lot more weight to it. The Azure Fists had been a relatively small gang that was able to punch above it's weight, literally, by recruiting physical adepts almost exclusively . Now they were a part of a far larger gang, one from all accounts were ten times as mean and vicious as the Fists had ever been.

O'Connor took great pride in his abilities, but even he knew that one man could never hope to win against a gang as large as the Halloweeners. It was only a matter of time before the Fists, backed by their new freak show buddies, would come after him to end things. The nature of this war had just radically changed, and he needed a new strategy. The problem was that he wasn't a very strategic person, his old strategy was track down members of the Azure Fists and shoot them in the face. It was simple, straightforward, and worked. Now, it was useless unless he was looking to get himself killed. If the Azure Fists were making new friends, perhaps so should he.

He laughed darkly at the thought, his interpersonal skills were rather lacking. He figured that there were several gangs that wouldn't look kindly on the Halloweeners trying to muscle their way into Redmond. The problem was that O'Connor knew that he wouldn't be able persuade any of them into forming an alliance. Another option was just outright joining one of the gangs, but he was hesitant to travel down that path. The Fists' betrayal has left O'Connor with some deep seated trust issues. He only agreed to join the C-Block Crasher because he needed the protection and had no other options. This time around, his options were far wider. He promised himself a long time ago that he'd die before losing his freedom again, but wasn't signing on with a gang the same thing as giving up his freedom? He didn't know what to do next, but he needed to decide soon. He continued to stare up at the clouds, the weather perfectly reflecting his mood.

The dreary Seattle landscape so familiar to Clementine looked completely foreign to the ork at times. Not only was tempo fueling more feuds in recent times, the new job opportunity she had received was instantly rescinded without Clem having any time to even ponder about it. Nonetheless, the woman went through the mental gymnastics of entertaining the offer. The appeal of belonging to a group of people that understood one's own cultural values was tremendous, there was no doubt about that. But the ork was now a member of Heaven's Devils (the name still made her wince), and she was ultimately determined to see this chapter of her life through.

Her latest bio-acquisition gave Clem heaps of extra energy, which she was burning on an almost daily basis, thanks to the grueling and demanding training regiment she had forced herself to follow. Besides an increase in laundry, the by-products of this would be undeniable, or so she told herself.

Clementine was content with her present schedule, but knew far too well that the near future held cheap Stuffer Shack meals unless the group found new work soon. Promising herself to ease back on her training, she decided that she would start looking for a job pressingly, pushing the other team members to do the same.

O'Conner gets a message from Darryl:

"Got some good news for you.  There was a terrible accident at Fort Lewis last night during a live fire exercise.  Rounds landed on vehicles that were supposed to be transporting weapons and ammunition from the field.  The trucks and the cargo area  total loss, but our friend is fine and we will see him next week."


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