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As the fourth installment after

Deep Black Sea
Pain and Gain
Sins of the Fathers

on 29th of September the latest run "Panzerknacker" will begin.

This will be a classic "heist" kind of run - find a way into the thing and get the thing out. Examples: The Great Train Robbery, Italian Job, Leverage, etc.

The cast contains:

Volker as.........bnc, the human hacker
Sabato Kuroi as...Torrent, the elf espionage specialist
Qwikfix as........Krestov, the troll tank
SquirrelDude as...Slobbertooth, the ork outlaw
gilga as..........Yael, the human haunter
Crossbow as.......Flatline, the human healing mage
badneighbor as....Kite, the human haul handler

But I hope to draw in some extra talent: As you can see the team is in need of a good mage with astral projection abilities (Mystic Adepts need not apply ;) ).
Other roles are also welcome, but due to mission type I'd prefer no "Special Snowflake" characters.

In total I'm looking for two to max. three additional players to assist this seasoned crew.

Normal char gen with all variants allowed (priority, sum2ten, karma, live paths). To catch you up a bit to the others, you gain 20 Karma post gen and 40k nuyen.

And remember: Competent specialists and professionals who are able and willing to work in a team environment - that's what we want.

This thread will be used to display relevant information for the game.

The team's safe house

I'd love to play a mage if you like.

I've an idea for Bean-Gnome Rigger. A bit of ADHD and a love of tinkering has gotten Bean into as much trouble as it's gotten her out of.

Locking in and confirming transfer of character control of Krestov from Sgtboomcloud to Qwikfix.

...To the other returning players, hi guys :) had to go through a bit of a transition, can explain via PM if wanted. but I'm here, and with luck back in a better capacity.

I fixed your name in the intro.

The others: Take your time to craft the characters


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